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Rider 1: Alexandre Vinokourov
Rider 2: Jan Ullrich

DateRaceAlexandre Vinokourov finish Jan Ullrich finish Victor
2005-07-24Tour de France Stage 21 Corbeil-Essonnes - Paris Champs-Élysées158Alexandre VinokourovLink
2005-07-23Tour de France Stage 20 Saint-Etienne - Saint-Etienne ITT32Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-22Tour de France Stage 19 Issoire - Le Puy-en-Velay4533Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-21Tour de France Stage 18 Albi - Mende1514Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-20Tour de France Stage 17 Pau - Revel1922Alexandre VinokourovLink
2005-07-19Tour de France Stage 16 Mourenx - Pau5127Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-17Tour de France Stage 15 Lézat-sur-Lèze - Saint-Lary Soulan (Pla d'Adet)129Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-16Tour de France Stage 14 Agde - Ax-3 Domaines114Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-15Tour de France Stage 13 Miramas - Montpellier2725Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-14Tour de France Stage 12 Briançon - Digne-les-Bains6850Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-13Tour de France Stage 11 Courchevel - Briançon115Alexandre VinokourovLink
2005-07-12Tour de France Stage 10 Grenoble - Courchevel2413Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-10Tour de France Stage 9 Gérardmer - Mulhouse3529Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-09Tour de France Stage 8 Pforzheim - Gérardmer106Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-08Tour de France Stage 7 Lunéville - Karlsruhe6545Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-07Tour de France Stage 6 Troyes - Nancy219Alexandre VinokourovLink
2005-07-06Tour de France Stage 5 Chambord - Montargis3530Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-05Tour de France Stage 4 Tours - Blois TTT1717Link
2005-07-04Tour de France Stage 3 La Châtaigneraie - Tours6234Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-03Tour de France Stage 2 Challans - Les Essarts5619Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-02Tour de France Stage 1 Fromentine - Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile ITT312Alexandre VinokourovLink
2005-08-28GP Ouest France-Plouay8610Jan UllrichLink
2005-08-15Deutschland Tour Deutschland Tour10816Jan UllrichLink
2005-07-02Tour de France Tour de France312Alexandre VinokourovLink
2004-05-31Deutschland-Tour Stage 1102Jan UllrichLink
2004-08-18Jeux Olympiques - c.l.m. ind. / Olympic Games - ind. TT men67Alexandre VinokourovLink
2004-06-13Tour de Suisse Stage 2 Stage 2DNF30Jan UllrichLink
2004-06-12Tour de Suisse Stage 1 Stage 171Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-10Tour de France Stage 5 Troyes - Nevers3839Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-07-08Tour de France Stage 3 Charleville-Mézières - Saint-Dizier2718Jan UllrichLink
2003-08-17Züri MetzgeteDNF2Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-07Tour de France Stage 2 La Ferté-sous-Jouarre - Sedan3021Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-25Tour de Suisse Stage 9 Stage 9522Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-07-06Tour de France Stage 1 Saint-Denis/Montgeron - Meaux4027Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-24Tour de Suisse Stage 8 Stage 853Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-05Tour de France Prologue Paris714Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-23Tour de Suisse Stage 7 Stage 753Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-22Tour de Suisse Stage 6 Stage 61521Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-21Tour de Suisse Stage 5 Stage 5212Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-20Tour de Suisse Stage 4 Stage 4922Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-19Tour de Suisse Stage 3 Stage 3315Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-18Tour de Suisse Stage 2 Stage 21948Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-17Tour de Suisse Stage 1 Stage 1115Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-16Tour de Suisse Prologue Prologue913Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-09Deutschland-Tour Stage 71833Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-08Deutschland-Tour Stage 632Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-07Deutschland-Tour Stage 5818Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-06-06Deutschland-Tour Stage 46519Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-05Deutschland-Tour Stage 32217Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-27Tour de France Stage 20 Ville d'Avray - Paris Champs-Elysées6659Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-04Deutschland-Tour Stage 24722Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-26Tour de France Stage 19 Pornic - Nantes164Jan UllrichLink
2003-06-03Deutschland-Tour Stage 16423Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-25Tour de France Stage 18 Bordeaux - Saint-Maixent-l'Ecole4624Jan UllrichLink
2003-05-01Rund um den Henninger Turm Frankfurt4920Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-24Tour de France Stage 17 Dax - Bordeaux4127Jan UllrichLink
2003-04-27Liège - Bastogne - Liège6129Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-23Tour de France Stage 16 Pau - Bayonne5017Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-21Tour de France Stage 15 Bagnères-de-Bigorre - Luz-Ardiden83Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-20Tour de France Stage 14 Saint-Girons - Loudenvielle612Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-07-19Tour de France Stage 13 Toulouse (Cité de l'Espace) - Plateau de Bonascre52Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-18Tour de France Stage 12 Gaillac - Cap' Découverte31Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-17Tour de France Stage 11 Narbonne - Toulouse3022Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-15Tour de France Stage 10 Gap - Marseille5334Jan UllrichLink
2003-07-14Tour de France Stage 9 Bourg d'Oisans - Gap15Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-07-13Tour de France Stage 8 Sallanches - L'Alpe d'Huez213Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-07-12Tour de France Stage 7 Lyon - Morzine1021Alexandre VinokourovLink
2003-07-11Tour de France Stage 6 Nevers - Lyon1819Alexandre VinokourovLink

The winner is ... Jan Ullrich! By a score of 44 to 23.

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2017-09-26Giro della Toscana - Memorial Alfredo Martini Stage 12.1
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2017-09-16Coppa Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze1.1
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2017-09-15Post Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark Stage 42.HC
2017-09-14Coppa Bernocchi1.1
2017-09-14Post Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark Stage 32.HC
2017-09-13Coppa Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze1.1
2017-09-13Grand Prix de Wallonie1.1
2017-09-13Grand Prix Cycliste de MontréalWT
2017-09-13La Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta1.1 WE
2017-09-12Post Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark Stage 12.HC
2017-09-11Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecWT
2017-09-10Grand Prix Cycliste de MontrealWT
2017-09-10Madrid Challenge by la Vuelta1.WWT
2017-09-10Tour of Britain Stage 82.HC
2017-09-10Vuelta a Espana Stage 21WT
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  • I'm a Floyd fan. Here's an interesting article on his Tour of Bahamas experience. Floyd Landis in the Bahamas
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Interesting stuff I found on the usa cycling site:
NRC Calendar. These are the "big boy" races that get NRC points.
NRC Results. Results as the above races ahppen. The NRC 2010 Calendar. 2009
2009 USA Cycling Pro Tour Calendar UCI-sanctioned races.
2009 USA Cycling NRC calendar non-UCI sanctioned races. Like, the Gila is on this, which is why Astana wasn't allowed to race it - not UCI sanctioned. (Same for BMC, a "pro continental" team, as opposed to the non-uci plain ol' "continental." That's why bmc can race any uci european race it can get an invite to, like Paris-Roubaix and Romandie this year (2009).)
Uci points for 2009 Euro races Spreadsheet of 2009 USA teams
The 2008 Beijing Olympic USA Cycling media guide Sums up a lot of stuff.
SoCal-Nevada results

2008 USA Cycling Pro Tour Calendar
2008 USA Cycling NRC Calendar
2008 USA Crits Series - would be cool to make this a riderfights designation. (Also see: