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Rider 1: Hayden Roulston
Rider 2: Greg Henderson

DateRaceHayden Roulston finish Greg Henderson finish Victor
2015-08-10Eneco Tour Stage 1 Eneco Tour Stage 113055Greg HendersonLink
2015-08-11Eneco Tour Stage 2 Eneco Tour Stage 212340Greg HendersonLink
2015-08-12Eneco Tour Stage 3 Eneco Tour Stage 3139141Hayden RoulstonLink
2015-08-13Eneco Tour Stage 4 Eneco Tour Stage 455114Hayden RoulstonLink
2015-08-14Eneco Tour Stage 5 Eneco Tour Stage 5123116Greg HendersonLink
2015-08-15Eneco Tour Stage 6 Eneco Tour Stage 6119126Hayden RoulstonLink
2015-08-16Eneco Tour Stage 7 Eneco Tour Stage 7DNFDNFLink
2017-09-13Grand Prix Cycliste de MontréalDNF49Greg HendersonLink
2017-09-11Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecDNF112Greg HendersonLink
2017-04-08Scheldeprijs7361Greg HendersonLink
2017-08-23Vattenfall Cyclassics79116Hayden RoulstonLink
2013-03-07Tirreno - Adriatico 2013 Stage 2: San Vincenzo - Indicatore 232km8619Greg HendersonLink
2013-03-08Tirreno - Adriatico 2013 Stage 3: Indicatore - Narni Scalo 190km53156Hayden RoulstonLink
2013-03-09Tirreno - Adriatico 2013 Stage 4: Narni - Prati di Tivo 173km85133Hayden RoulstonLink
2013-03-10Tirreno - Adriatico 2013 Stage 5: Ortona - Chieti 230km11294Greg HendersonLink
2013-03-11Tirreno - Adriatico 2013 Stage 6: Porto Sant'Elpidio 209km35DNFHayden RoulstonLink
2013-03-17Milan-San Remo 2013DNF90Greg HendersonLink
2013-04-03Scheldeprijs 201313065Greg HendersonLink
2013-04-07Paris - Roubaix 201353DNFHayden RoulstonLink
2012-01-15Cancer Council Classic 2012629Greg HendersonLink
2012-01-17Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage 1: Prospect - Clare 149km39113Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-01-18Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage 2: Lobethal - Stirling 148km97128Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-01-19Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage 3: Unley - Victor Harbour 134.5km3366Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-01-20Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage 4: Norwood - Tanunda 130km4853Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-01-21Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage 5: McLaren Vale - Old Willunga Hill 151.5km3894Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-01-22Santos Tour Down Under 2012 Stage 6: Adelaide City Council Street Circuit 90km5921Greg HendersonLink
2012-03-17Milan-San Remo 2012111DNFHayden RoulstonLink
2012-04-04Scheldeprijs 201210444Greg HendersonLink
2012-04-08Paris - Roubaix 201226DNFHayden RoulstonLink
2012-09-15GP Impanis - Van Petegem 20127084Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-10-09Tour of Beijing 2012 Stage 1: Tiananmen Square - Bird’s Nest Olympic Piazza 117km1255Greg HendersonLink
2012-10-10Tour of Beijing 2012 Stage 2: Bird’s Nest Piazza - Men Tou Gou Yong Ding River Cultural Square 126km6992Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-10-11Tour of Beijing 2012 Stage 3: Green Sea Forest Park - Yan Qing Ba Da Ling Great Wall 162.5km6694Hayden RoulstonLink
2012-10-12Tour of Beijing 2012 Stage 4: Yan Qing Gui Chuan Square - Chang Ping Stadium 165.5km10318Greg HendersonLink
2012-10-13Tour of Beijing 2012 Stage 5: Chang Ping Stadium - Ping Gu Centenary Square 182.5kmDNF40Greg HendersonLink
2011-01-16Cancer Council Classic 2011109127Hayden RoulstonLink
2011-01-18Santos Tour Down Under 2011 Stage 1: Mawson Lakes - Angaston 138km8010Greg HendersonLink
2011-01-20Santos Tour Down Under 2011 Stage 3 : Unley - Stirling 129km4621Greg HendersonLink
2011-01-21Santos Tour Down Under 2011 Stage 4: Norwood - Strathalbyn 124km2825Greg HendersonLink
2011-01-22Santos Tour Down Under 2011 Stage 5: McLaren Vale - Willunga 131km3896Hayden RoulstonLink
2011-01-23Santos Tour Down Under 2011 Stage 6: Adelaide 90km1102Greg HendersonLink
2010-01-19Santos Tour Down Under Stage 1: Clare - Tanunda 141km805Greg HendersonLink
2010-01-20Santos Tour Down Under Stage 2: Gawler - Hahndorf 133.5km682Greg HendersonLink
2010-01-21Santos Tour Down Under Stage 3: Unley - Stirling 132.5km7231Greg HendersonLink
2010-01-22Santos Tour Down Under Stage 4: Norwood - Goolwa 149.5km5813Greg HendersonLink
2010-01-23Santos Tour Down Under Stage 5: Snapper Point - Willunga 149km489Greg HendersonLink
2010-01-24Santos Tour Down Under Stage 6: Adelaide 90km912Greg HendersonLink
2010-04-04Ronde van Vlaanderen75DNFHayden RoulstonLink
2010-04-11Paris - Roubaix1065Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-03-24Dwars door Vlaanderen / A travers la Flandre11391Greg HendersonLink
2010-02-21Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol Stage 1: Jaén - Puerto de La Guardia 159.2km7060Greg HendersonLink
2010-02-22Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol Stage 2: Otura - Córdoba 182.2km637Greg HendersonLink
2010-02-23Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol Stage 3: Marbella - Benahavis 162.5km5053Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-02-24Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol Stage 4: Málaga - Málaga (ITT) 10.9km69Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-02-25Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol Stage 5: Torrox - Antequera 161.4kmDNF57Greg HendersonLink
2010-10-03UCI Road World Championships 2010 Elite Men road race: Geelong 262.7kmDNFDNFLink
2010-11-01Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 1: Invercargill 8.42km13Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-11-01Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 2: Invercargill - Bluff 81.63km351Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-11-02Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 3: Invercargill - Gore 165km154Greg HendersonLink
2010-11-03Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 4: Invercargill - Tuatapere 88.4km111Greg HendersonLink
2010-11-03Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 5: Tuatapere - Winton 101.7km325Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-11-04Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 6: Lumsden - Crown Range 133.85km362Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-11-05Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 7: Winton - Te Anau 163.6km156Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-11-06Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 8: Te Anau - Lumsden 79km14Hayden RoulstonLink
2010-11-06Powernet Tour of Southland 2010 Stage 9: Winton - Invercargill 64.4km111Greg HendersonLink
2009-05-18Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Stage 1 Lloret de Mar - Lloret de Mar (ITT)453Greg HendersonLink
2009-05-19Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Stage 2 Girona - Roses12370Greg HendersonLink
2009-05-20Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Stage 3 Roses - La Pobla de lillet131150Hayden RoulstonLink
2009-05-21Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Stage 4 La Pobla de lillet - Vallnord Sector Pal (Andorra)68151Hayden RoulstonLink
2009-05-22Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Stage 5 La Seu d'Urgell - Torredembarra1284Greg HendersonLink
2009-05-23Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Stage 6 Torredembarra - Barcelona1333Greg HendersonLink
2009-05-24Volta Ciclista a Catalunya Stage 7 Centre d'Alt Rendiment, Sant Cugat - Circuit de Catalunya, Montmeló871Greg HendersonLink
2006-01-25Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic63Greg HendersonLink
2006-11-06Powernet Tour of Southland Powernet Tour of Southland113Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-01-26Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic Stage 2 Featherston - Masterton77Link
2006-01-26Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic Stage 3 Masterton Criterium18Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-01-27Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic Stage 4 Masterton - Pahiatua96Greg HendersonLink
2006-01-28Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic Stage 5 Masterton Circuit135Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-01-29Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic Stage 6 Scorching Bay ITT129Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-01-29Tour of Wellington - Trust House Classic Stage 7 Petone Criterium51Greg HendersonLink
2006-03-05McLane Pacific Classic Stage 217Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-11-06Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 2 Invercargill - Bluff Hill3113Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-11-07Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 3 Invercargill (ILT Velodrome) - Gore (Traffers Tavern, Hokonui Drive)4243Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-11-08Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 4 Invercargill (ILT Velodrome) - Tuatapere (Waiau Hotel)7228Greg HendersonLink
2006-11-08Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 5 Tuatapere - Winton (Winton Hotel, Bottom Pub)21Greg HendersonLink
2006-11-09Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 6 Balfour - Crown Range374Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-11-10Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 7 Winton - Te Anau (Hollyford Boulevard)511Hayden RoulstonLink
2006-11-11Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 8 Te Anau (Hollyford Boulevard) - Mossburn-Lumsden (Lumsden Hotel, Diana Street)53Greg HendersonLink
2006-11-11Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 9 Winton - Invercargill (Gala Street)1715Greg HendersonLink
2003-11-03Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 2405Greg HendersonLink
2003-11-04Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 3122Greg HendersonLink
2003-11-04Powernet Tour of Southland Stage 44011Greg HendersonLink

The winner is ... Greg Henderson! By a score of 48 to 41.

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Last 100 races
2017-11-14Tour of Rwanda Stage 22.2
2017-11-13Tour of Rwanda Stage 12.2
2017-11-12Tour of Rwanda Prologue2.2
2017-11-09Tour of Fuzhou Stage 22.1
2017-11-08Tour of Fuzhou Stage 12.1
2017-11-05Tour of Hainan Stage 92.HC
2017-11-04Saitama CriteriumCRT
2017-11-04Tour of Hainan Stage 82.HC
2017-11-03Tour of Hainan Stage 72.HC
2017-11-02Tour of Hainan Stage 62.HC
2017-11-01Tour of Hainan Stage 52.HC
2017-10-31Tour of Hainan Stage 42.HC
2017-10-30Tour of Hainan Stage 32.HC
2017-10-29Shanghai CriteriumCRT
2017-10-29Tour of Hainan Stage 22.HC
2017-10-28Tour of Hainan Stage 12.HC
2017-10-24Tour of Guangxi Stage 6WT
2017-10-24Tour of Guangxi Women's Elite World Challenge1.1 WE
2017-10-24Saitama CriteriumCRT
2017-10-23Tour of Guangxi Stage 5WT
2017-10-22Japan Cup1.HC
2017-10-22Tour of Guangxi Stage 4WT
2017-10-21Tour of Guangxi Stage 3WT
2017-10-20Tour of Guangxi Stage 2WT
2017-10-19Tour of Guangxi Stage 1WT
2017-10-18Japan Cup1.HC
2017-10-17Tour of Taihu Lake Stage 72.1
2017-10-16Tour of Taihu Lake Stage 62.1
2017-10-15Chrono des Nations Elite Men1.1
2017-10-15Chrono des Nations Elite Women1.1
2017-10-15Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Stage 6WT
2017-10-15Tour of Taihu Lake Stage 52.1
2017-10-14Melbourne to WarrnamboolNE
2017-10-14Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Stage 5WT
2017-10-14Tacx Pro Classic1.1
2017-10-14Tour of Taihu Lake Stage 42.1
2017-10-13Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Stage 4WT
2017-10-13Tour of Taihu Lake Stage 32.1
2017-10-13Nationale Sluitingprijs - Putte-Kapellen
2017-10-12Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Stage 3WT
2017-10-12Tour of Taihu Lake Stage 22.1
2017-10-11Famenne Ardenne Classic1.1
2017-10-11Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Stage 2WT
2017-10-11Tour of Taihu Lake Stage 12.1
2017-10-11Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli1.HC
2017-10-11Paris - Tours1.HC
2017-10-10Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Stage 1WT
2017-10-10Tour of Taihu Lake Prologue2.1
2017-10-08Hong Kong Cyclothon1.1
2017-10-08Paris - Tours1.HC
2017-10-08Gran Premio Città di Peccioli - Coppa Sabatini1.1
2017-10-07Il LombardiaWT
2017-10-06Binche - Chimay - Binche / Mémorial Frank Vandenbroucke1.1
2017-10-04Il LombardiaWT
2017-10-04KMC Cyclo-cross Festival 2C2
2017-10-03Sparkassen Münsterland Giro1.HC
2017-10-02Gran Piemonte1.HC
2017-10-01Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli1.HC
2017-10-01Tour de l'Eurométropole1.HC
2017-10-01Tour de Vende1.1
2017-10-01Tour of Almaty Stage 22.1
2017-09-30Giro dell'Emilia1.HC
2017-09-30Omloop Eurometropool1.1
2017-09-30Tour of Almaty Stage 12.1
2017-09-30Tre Valli Varesine1.HC
2017-09-28Gran Premio Citta di Peccioli - Coppa Sabatini1.1
2017-09-27Giro della Toscana - Memorial Alfredo Martini Stage 22.1
2017-09-26Giro della Toscana - Memorial Alfredo Martini Stage 12.1
2017-09-24Duo Normand1.1
2017-09-20Omloop van het Houtland Lichtervelde1.1
2017-09-20GP Industria & Commercio di Prato1.1
2017-09-20Grand Prix d'Isbergues - Pas de Calais1.1
2017-09-19Memorial Marco Pantani1.1
2017-09-19Primus Classic Impanis - Van Petegem1.HC
2017-09-18Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen1.1
2017-09-17Grand Prix d'Isbergues - Pas de Calais1.1
2017-09-17Coppa Bernocchi1.1
2017-09-16Memorial Marco Pantani1.1
2017-09-16Primus Classic Impanis - Van Petegem1.HC
2017-09-16Coppa Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze1.1
2017-09-16Grand Prix de Wallonie1.1
2017-09-15Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen1.1
2017-09-15Post Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark Stage 42.HC
2017-09-14Coppa Bernocchi1.1
2017-09-14Post Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark Stage 32.HC
2017-09-13Coppa Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze1.1
2017-09-13Grand Prix de Wallonie1.1
2017-09-13Grand Prix Cycliste de MontréalWT
2017-09-13La Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta1.1 WE
2017-09-12Post Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark Stage 12.HC
2017-09-11Grand Prix Cycliste de QuébecWT
2017-09-10Grand Prix Cycliste de MontrealWT
2017-09-10Madrid Challenge by la Vuelta1.WWT
2017-09-10Tour of Britain Stage 82.HC
2017-09-10Vuelta a Espana Stage 21WT
  • Team Type 1's Media Kit PDF for the upcoming 2010 Tour of California. Nice rider bios. TT1 is a continental team devoted to inspiring folks with diabetes.
  • Thought this VeloNews piece on the early spring classics in Belgium, Italy and Spain was a pretty cool primer on the early-season, lesser-known classics.
  • I'm a Floyd fan. Here's an interesting article on his Tour of Bahamas experience. Floyd Landis in the Bahamas
  • Cool George Hincapie video
Interesting stuff I found on the usa cycling site:
NRC Calendar. These are the "big boy" races that get NRC points.
NRC Results. Results as the above races ahppen. The NRC 2010 Calendar. 2009
2009 USA Cycling Pro Tour Calendar UCI-sanctioned races.
2009 USA Cycling NRC calendar non-UCI sanctioned races. Like, the Gila is on this, which is why Astana wasn't allowed to race it - not UCI sanctioned. (Same for BMC, a "pro continental" team, as opposed to the non-uci plain ol' "continental." That's why bmc can race any uci european race it can get an invite to, like Paris-Roubaix and Romandie this year (2009).)
Uci points for 2009 Euro races Spreadsheet of 2009 USA teams
The 2008 Beijing Olympic USA Cycling media guide Sums up a lot of stuff.
SoCal-Nevada results

2008 USA Cycling Pro Tour Calendar
2008 USA Cycling NRC Calendar
2008 USA Crits Series - would be cool to make this a riderfights designation. (Also see: