Name: Cindy Owings-Phillippi

Career Statistics (2007 - 2007)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2007 Races
142007 Fayetteville Stage Race (Kathleen Weber, , won)Broken Films Racing2007-03-19Women - 04RoadLink
162007 Fayetteville Stage Race (Helen Tarr, Sugar Cycles, won)Broken Films Racing2007-03-18Women - 04RoadLink
152007 Fayetteville Stage Race (Aimee Cormier, Sugar Cycles, won)Broken Films Racing2007-03-18Women - 04IndiLink
342007 Pace Bend Road Race (Jennifer Joy, 360 Cycleworks Inc, won)Broken Films Racing2007-02-25Women - 04RoadLink
242007 The Walburg Classic RR (Lyne Liboiron, Velossimo Racing, won)Broken Films Racing2007-02-24Women - 04RoadLink
372007 The Odwalla Tour of New Braunfels (Allyson Brandt, AG Cycling, won)Broken Films Racing2007-02-03Women - 1/2/3/4RoadLink

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