Career Statistics (1969 - 2014)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2014 Races
22014 Kenda DINO Mountain Bike Series - Versailles (Corey Smith, NoLimit Cycling, won)2014-07-20Men Senior 19-29 Cat 3XCLink
2013 Races
142013 Marian University's 17th Annual Midwest Classi (Matthew Habel, unattached, won)DRT Racing2013-03-30Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
102013 DePauw Race Weekend (James Snitzer, University of Notre Dame, won)Indiana University-Bloomington2013-03-03Men - BCritLink
202013 DePauw Race Weekend (Aidan Kesner, Lindsey Wilson College, won)Indiana University-Bloomington2013-03-02Men - BRoadLink
102013 Lindsey Wilson College road race (John Holden, Lindenwood University, won)Indiana University-Bloomington2013-02-24Men - BCritLink
102013 Lindsey Wilson College road race (Alex Mclaughlin, Murray State University, won)Indiana University-Bloomington2013-02-23Men - BRoadLink
2012 Races
302012 Jude Clark Criterium (Andrew Beckman, Clarksville Schwinn Racing, won)DOGFISH RACING TEAM2012-07-28Men - Cat 3/4CritLink
202012 Hyde Park Blast Criterium - USA Crits Series #8 (Chris Coslow, Team Louisville, won)Home Address2012-06-30Men - Cat 4CritLink
262012 McDonalds' Capital City Criterium (STEPHEN HULSMAN, TEAM WHAYNE, won)DOGFISH RACING TEAM2012-05-12Men - Cat 3/4CritLink
22012 Mooresville (SCOTT BAUMER, Team Indiebike, won)Dogfish Racing Team2012-04-15Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
672012 Midwest Classic (John Anderson, , won)Dogfish Racing Team2012-04-07Men - Cat 3/4CritLink
2011 Races
DNF2011 Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Festival (Marc Johnson, INDIEBIKE P/B ANGIE'S LIST, won)DOGFISH RACING TEAMĀ 2011-07-16Men - Cat 4/5critLink
DNF2011 Marion Classic Criterium (JOSHUA KUSH, TEAM NEBO RIDGE, won)DOGFISH RACING TEAM2011-07-02Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
112011 TWO Eagle Creek Traditional Criterium (beau boggs, , won)DOGFISH RACING TEAM2011-06-04Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
162011 TWO Hummel Park Criterium (Derek Elliott, DRT RACING, won)DOGFISH RACING TEAM2011-06-03Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
132011 Tour de Champaign Rumble at the Reservior (Hayden Warner, , won)Dogfish Racing Team2011-05-21Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
1969 Races
101969 Wednesday Night Crit (Jeffrey Meade, Wheeltags, won)Dogfish Racing Team1969-12-31Men - M 4/5 (30 Minutes)CritLink

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