Name: Eric Allocco

Career Statistics (1969 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
112017 Blue Mountain ESC Showdown #2 DH (Chris Hunter, , won)2017-06-25Men Cat 1 30-39 DH Male Expert 30-39 (Cat 1)DHLink
122017 Vittoria Eastern States Cup Thunder Mountain Box East Coast Showdown D (Jack Williams, , won)2017-06-04Men 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
2016 Races
62016 Beast of the East (Johnny Riggins, Adrenaline Racer/ To Wheels/, won)2016-07-31Men Master 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
42016 ESC Attitash Resort East Coast Showdown DH Race #3 (Jack Williams, Drummer Racing TLD, won)2016-07-24Men 30-39 CAT 1DHLink
2015 Races
92015 Plattekill Mtn Vittoria Eastern States Cup DH Championship (Eric Mcneil, Odi/661/Bamut/Ryno Power/Go, won)2015-10-11Men 30-39 Cat 1DownhillLink
32015 Eastern States Cup at Windham Mountain (Brandon CASSELL, , won)2015-07-19Men 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
92015 Plattekill Mtn Vittoria ESC NYS Championship DH (Brandon Cassell, Adrenaline Racer/To Wheels/Plattekill, won)2015-06-21Men 30-39 Cat 1DownhillLink
162015 VITTORIA Eastern States Cup Duryea Downhill (Christopher Hunter, Community Bikes/Fly Racing/F, won)2015-05-03Men 30-39 Cat 1DownhillLink
2014 Races
52014 POC Eastern States Cup DH Massachusettes State Championship (Rob Westover, Drummer Racing, won)2014-10-05Men 30-39 Cat 1DownhillLink
52014 POC Eastern States Cup DH Massachusettes State Championship (Josh Del Negro, , won)2014-10-05Men 30-39 CatDownhillLink
52014 POC Eastern States Cup (Patrick Alcisto, Intense Bombers Inte, won)2014-09-21Men Cat 1 30-39 ExpertDHLink
62014 Eastern Freestyle Cup (Craig Kuzia, Berkshire Outfitters, won)N/A2014-08-24Men Master 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
92014 Windham World Cup (Jonathan DOHERTY, , won)2014-08-10Men 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
32014 World Cup, Test Your Glory (Brandon CASSELL, ADRENALINERACER/TO WHEELS/DEIT, won)2014-07-27Men Masters 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
82014 POC Eastern States Cup Series (Craig Kuzia, Berkshire Outfitters, won)2014-07-13Men Expert 30-39 MaleDHLink
52014 Swain Mountain NYS Downhill Championships (John Riggins, , won)2014-06-29Men Expert 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
DNF2014 Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival (Peter John Mihalick, , won)2014-06-15Men 30-39 Cat1DHLink
92014 ProGRT Gravity Open at Plattekill Mountain (Craig Kuzia, Berkshire Outfitters, won)2014-05-25Men Master 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
122014 2014 Maxxis/Gravity East Series/POC Eastern States Cup Duryea Downhill (Jonathan GABOR, JonnyGMTB/High Gear Cyclery, won)2014-05-04Men Cat 1 Men 30-39 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
1969 Races
61969 Eastern States Cup @ Mount Snow (Jack Williams, , won)1969-12-31Men Male Expert 30-39DHLink
31969 POC ESC Downhill #7 Blue Mountain (Jason Fedo, Jersey Home Grown, won)1969-12-31Men Expert 30-39 Cat 1DHLink
61969 ESC East Coast Super Championships (Dustin Mason, Defiant Racing/Diety, won)1969-12-31Men 30-39 Cat 1DownhillLink
51969 Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival (Mason Guarino, , won)1969-12-31Men 30-39 Cat1DHLink
81969 Plattekill ESC Gravity Open (Mason Guarino, , won)1969-12-31Men 30-39 Cat 1DownhillLink
91969 Vittoria ESC Blue Mountain Showdown #2 (Brent CARTER, Intense Bombers, won)1969-12-31Men Cat 1 30-39 DH Male Expert 30-39 (Cat 1)DHLink

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