Name: Eric Baker

Career Statistics (2006 - 2016)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2016 Races
132016 Team Magic Oak Mountain CX (Chase Key, , won)2016-10-30Men Cat 5CXLink
2015 Races
142015 The Rock Criterium and Gran Fondo (Mark Peace, , won)American Rock Salt2015-07-19Fondo All Piccolo Fondo Piccolo FondoGranLink
2011 Races
212011 San Diego Cyclo-Vets Spring Classic Criterium 2011 (Mauricio Prado, Allegiant Airlines/Pain MD', won)2011-04-10Men - Open - Master - 35-99CritLink
2010 Races
62010 2010 New York City Spring Bicycle Racing Series (Christian Venegas, , won)2010-04-11Men - Cat 3/4rrLink
62010 2010 New York City Spring Bicycle Racing Series (Christian Venegas, , won)2010-04-04Men - Cat 3/4rrLink
2008 Races
52008 Tour de Bemus Point (Greg Gray, Park Ave, won)Hollyloft-Trucklite2008-08-23Men - 04RoadLink
2006 Races
132006 San Luis Obispo CT (Michael Hernandez, SAFEWAY/G.A.Communications, won)Southern Sierra Cyclists2006-06-04Masters 35+CriteriumLink
142006 Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium (Stephen Gregorios, Morgan Stanley/24 Hr Fitness/Specialized, won)SSC/Arts/Trisport2006-03-19Men Cat 2CRITLink
52006 Sequoia Cycling Classic Time Trial (Brian Bosch, Central Valley Cycling, won)Southern Sierra Cyclists2006-03-18Men Cat 2ITTLink

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