Name: Eric Brekke

Career Statistics (2010 - 2014)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2014 Races
132014 Red Barn Classic CX #9 (Craig Faulkner, County Cycles Masters CX p/b Trek, won)Omnium Racing2014-10-25Men senior 18+ cat 1/2/3CXLink
212014 Green Acres Grade A Cyclocross (Eric Thompson, Mt. Borah Epic Team, won)Omnium Racing2014-10-19Men senior 18+ cat 1/2/3CXLink
72014 Baker Orchard Cyclocross (Josh Bauer, Twin Six, won)Omnium Racing2014-10-04Men senior 18+ cat 1/2/3CXLink
132014 METAL CROSS (Eric Thompson, Mt. Borah Epic Team, won)Omnium Racing2014-09-28Men senior 18+ cat 1/2/3CXLink
82014 METAL CROSS (Eric Thompson, Mt. Borah Epic Team, won)Omnium Racing2014-09-27Men senior 18+ cat 1/2/3CXLink
112014 Ken Woods Memorial Road Race (Andrew Thompson, Birchwood/GIS, won)Omnium Racing2014-04-26Men - cat 4/5 - Senior - 18+Road RaceLink
152014 Tuesday Night Worlds (Erin Young, Team Vulpes, won)Omnium Racing2014-04-22Men - cat 4/5 - senior - 18+CriteriumLink
222014 Tuesday Night Worlds (Michael Waataja, , won)Omnium Racing2014-04-15Men - cat 4/5 - senior - 18+CriteriumLink
2011 Races
22011 Golden Gopher Campus Criterium (Byron Lubenkov, University of Minnesota Cycling - Twin C, won)University of Minnesota Cycling - Twin C2011-04-24Men - C - CollegiateCritLink
2010 Races
102010 Mill City Cyclocross (Ryan Marsel, Behind-Bars/LGR, won)University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2010-11-20Men - Cat 4CyclLink
212010 Gopher Gallop CX (Nigel Kinney, Unattached, won)University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2010-11-07Men - Cat 4CyclLink
52010 Red Barn Cyclocross Classic (Brady Prenzlow, Loon State Cyclists, won)University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2010-10-30Men - Cat 4CyclLink
142010 Big Ring Flyers YMCA CX (Benjamin Cox, Birchwood/GIS, won)University of Minnesota-Twin Cities2010-10-17Men - Cat 4CyclLink

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