Name: Eric Colton

Career Statistics (2008 - 2011)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2011 Races
262011 UCI CXLA Weekend: DTLA Historic (Tim JOHNSON, Cannondale p/b, won)The Team SoCalCross2011-12-04Men - EiteCyclLink
272011 UCI CXLA Weekend: DTLA Historic (Ben BERDEN, Ops Ale - Stoemper, won)The Team SoCalCross2011-12-03Men - EiteCyclLink
52011 Central Coast Cyclocross Series-Sunday (Aaron Bradford, Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW, won)The TEAM - SoCalCross2011-10-22Men - Cat 1/2/3/4CyclLink
292011 UCI Cross After Dark Spooky Cross Weekend (Ryan TREBON, LTS/Felt, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2011-10-16Men - Cat 1/2CyclLink
DNF2011 UCI Cross After Dark Spooky Cross Weekend (Ryan TREBON, LTS/Felt, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2011-10-15Men - Cat 1/2CyclLink
82011 Central Coast Cyclocross Series-Sunday (Andy Jacques-Maynes, CalGiant/Specialized, won)The TEAM - SoCalCross2011-09-24Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Master ACyclLink
712011 CrossVegas 2011 (Lars VAN DER HAAR, Rabobank, won)The TEAM - SoCalCross2011-09-14Men - Cat 1/2 - EliteCyclLink
132011 Central Coast Cyclocross Series-Sunday (Andy Jacques-Maynes, Bissell Pro Cycling, won)SoCal Cross2011-09-10Men - Cat 1/2/3/4CyclLink
132011 University Road Race (Brian Baccus, SJBC, won)The TEAM2011-08-21Men - Cat4/5RoadLink
52011 Berkeley Hills Road Race (Christopher HarlandDunaway, Davis Bike Club Race Team, won)The TEAM - SoCalCross2011-05-08Men - Cat 4 MenrrLink
102011 Devils Punchbowl (Jeffrey Pettis, Citrus Valley Velo, won)The TEAM - SoCalCross2011-04-23Men - Cat 4 (48 Miles)RoadLink
142011 Vlees Huis Ronde Road Race (Yair Vetchtein, Fast Friday, won)The TEAM - SoCalCross2011-04-09Men - Cat 4RoadLink
112011 UCLA Road Race (Jorge Garcia, Unattached, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2011-02-19Men - Cat 4RoadLink
102011 Boulevard Road Race (Geoffrey Curran, Surf City Cyclery, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2011-02-05Men - Cat 4RoadLink
202011 UCSB Poor College Kids Road Race (Nick Ostrovsky, Ritte Van Vlaanderen, won)The TEAM2011-01-29Men - Cat 4RoadLink
2010 Races
102010 Santa Cross-SCPS #17 (Brent Prenzlow, CELO PACIFIC / B&L, won)The TEAM2010-12-19Men - Cat 1/2CyclLink
862010 2010 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Nationals (Todd Wells, Specialized Factory Racing, won)The Team2010-12-12Men - Cat 1/2/3 - EliteCyclLink
232010 2010 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Nationals (Adam Craig, Giant/Rabobank, won)The Team2010-12-09Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Single SpeedCyclLink
402010 2010 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross Nationals (Adam Craig, Giant/Rabobank, won)The TEAM2010-12-08Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - SinglespeedIndiLink
DNF2010 SCPS #14 Turkey Trot Cross (Brian Lopes, Oakley/Ibis, won)The TEAM2010-11-28Men - Cat 1/2CyclLink
12010 SCPS #14 Turkey Trot Cross (Eric Colton, The TEAM SoCalCross, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2010-11-28Men - Cat 1/2/3/4 - Single SpeedCyclLink
132010 Convert CX (Gary Douville, , won)2010-11-21Men - Cat 1/2/3CyclLink
322010 UCI Cyclocross - Los Angeles at GriffithPark (Adam Craig, Rabobank/Giant, won)The Team2010-11-06Men - Pro/Cat 1/2 - UciCyclLink
62010 SLO Cross #1 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific, won)The TEAM2010-10-24Men - Cat 1/2/3CyclLink
112010 SCPS #5 Spooky Cross (Christopher Horner, Team RadioShack, won)The Team - SoCalCross2010-10-23Men - Cat 1/2CyclLink
92010 Velocity Cross (Sid Taberlay, Sho-Air Specialized, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2010-10-10Men - Cat 1/2CyclLink
332010 UCI Kross-Tober-Fest (Daniel Summerhill, Garmin/Holowesko Partners, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2010-10-03Men - Pro/Cat 1/2 - UciCyclLink
352010 UCI Kross-Tober-Fest (Joachim PARBO, Kch Leopard Cycles, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2010-10-02Men - Pro/Cat 1/2 - UciCyclLink
122010 SCPS #1 Lakeview Cyclocross (Sid Taberlay, ShoAir/Specialized, won)The TEAM SoCalCross2010-09-26Men - Cat 1/2CyclLink
82010 University Road Race (Spencer Collom, Webcor/Alto Velo, won)The TEAM2010-08-22Men - Cat4/5RoadLink
212010 Patterson Pass Road Race (Byron Anson, Davis Bike Club, won)The TEAM2010-08-08Men - Cat 4RoadLink
272010 Sisquoc Road Race and SoCal/NVJr St Champ (Andrew Duffy, , won)2010-06-12Men - Cat 4rrLink
272010 Sisquoc Road Race (Andrew Duffy, Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling, won)Team CICLE2010-06-12Category 4RoadLink
492010 Elite Road Race Championship (Mikey Pendola, Team Helen's, won)Team CICLE2010-06-06Category 4RoadLink
492010 Golden Empire Classic & SCNCA RR Championships (Mikey Pendola, , won)2010-06-06Men - Cat 4RoadLink
82010 San Luis Rey RR (Tosh Clements, Team Coastal Tree Care-SGBC, won)Team CICLE2010-05-02Category 4RoadLink
52010 Devils Punchbowl RR (Peter Sutherland, Bear Valley Bikes, won)Team CICLE2010-04-24Category 4RoadLink
52010 Devils Punchbowl (Peter Sutherland, , won)2010-04-24Men - Cat 4rrLink
62010 Vlees Huis Road Race (Taylor Vaccari, , won)2010-04-18Men - Cat 4rrLink
62010 De Vlees Huis Ronde RR (Taylor Vaccari, Coates Cyclery Racing Team, won)Team CICLE2010-04-18Category 4RoadLink
2009 Races
992009 USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships (Timothy Johnson, Cannondale/, won)Team Cicle2009-12-13Men - EliteCyclLink
142009 USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships (Christopher Dale, Raleigh All Stars P/b Cady Con, won)Team Cicle2009-12-10Men - B - 10-29CyclLink
162009 Gene Galindo Memorial Turkey Trot Cross (sid taberlay, Sho-Air, won)Team CICLE2009-11-29Men - Cat 1/2/3CyclLink
172009 Convert CX (sid taberlay, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-11-22Men - Cat 1/2/3CyclLink
162009 SCPS 13 (sid taberlay, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-11-13CX Category 1-3CXLink
142009 SCPS 8 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific/B&L, won)Team CICLE2009-11-01CX Category 1-3CXLink
142009 Storm the Beach Cyclocross (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific / B+L Bikes, won)Team CICLE2009-11-01Men - Cat 1/2/3CyclLink
152009 SCPS 7 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific/B&L, won)Team CICLE2009-10-24CX Category 1-3CXLink
152009 Spooky Cross Night Race SCPS #7 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific / B+L Bikes, won)Team CICLE2009-10-24Men - Cat 1/2/3CyclLink
162009 SCPS 6 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific/B&L, won)Team CICLE2009-10-18CX Category 1-3CXLink
162009 Long Beach CX Festival SCPS #6 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific, won)Team CICLE2009-10-18Men - Cat 1/2/3CyclLink
202009 Velocity Cross (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific/B&L, won)Team CICLE2009-10-05Men - Cat 1/2/3 - SeniorCyclLink
12009 Racers and Chasers SCPS #2 (Eric Colton, Team CICLE, won)Team CICLE2009-09-28Men - Singlespeed 3/4 - SeniorCyclLink
72009 Racers and Chasers SCPS #2 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific/B&L, won)Team CICLE2009-09-28Men - Cat 1/2/3 - SeniorCyclLink
12009 SCPS 2 (Eric Colton, Team CICLE, won)Team CICLE2009-09-27Other+CX Singlespeed 3-4CXLink
72009 SCPS 2 (Brent Prenzlow, Celo Pacific/B&L, won)Team CICLE2009-09-27CX Category 1-3CXLink
32009 CXC Unification Race SCPS #1 (Doug Barnett, Camarillo Bike Co, won)Team CICLE2009-09-20Men - Cat 3/4 - SeniorCyclLink
32009 SCPS 1 (Doug Barnett, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-09-19CX Category 3-4CXLink
552009 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix (Aasin Taylor, Major Motion Cycling Club, won)Team CICLE2009-06-28Category 4CriteriumLink
232009 SCNCA Masters Elite Championships (Freddy Prado, Simply Fit/Action Sports, won)Team CICLE2009-06-07Category 4RoadLink
92009 Ventura SR Stage 3 (David Santos, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-05-17Category 4CircuitLink
112009 Ventura SR GC (David Santos, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-05-17Category 4StageLink
202009 Ventura SR Stage 2 (David Santos, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-05-16Category 4RoadLink
392009 Ventura SR Stage 1 (David Santos, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-05-16Category 4Time TrialLink
172009 San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic (Eric Bierman, , won)Team CICLE2009-05-03Other+Category 5ARoadLink
172009 Mark Reynolds San Luis Rey Road Cycling Classic (Eric Bierman, , won)Team CICLE2009-05-03Men - Cat 5 - ARoadLink
52009 Dana Point Grand Prix (Joe Pugliese, Kahala LaGrange, won)Team CICLE2009-04-26Other+Category 5ACriteriumLink
52009 Dana Point Grand Prix (Joe Pugliese, Kahala LaGrange, won)Team CICLE2009-04-26Men - Cat 5 - ACritLink
342009 Chuck Pontius (Andrew Duffy, Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling, won)Team CICLE2009-04-19Other+Category 5CriteriumLink
342009 Chuck Pontius Memorial Criterium (Andrew Duffy, Bicycle Johns Serious Cycling, won)Team CICLE2009-04-19Men - Cat 5CritLink
122009 Devils Punchbowl (KHACHIK GEVORGIAN, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-04-18Other+Category 5RoadLink
122009 Devils Punchbowl (KHACHIK GEVORGIAN, Unattached, won)Team CICLE2009-04-18Men - Cat 5RoadLink
412009 Easter Sunday GP (Andrew Ramage, Southern California Velo, won)Team CICLE2009-04-12Category 4CriteriumLink
2008 Races
112008 SCPS 12 (Eric Christenson, Rock N Road, won)Unattached2008-12-21CX Category 3-4CXLink
32008 SCPS 10 (John Van Dyke, Liquid Fitness So Cal Cat 3 Team, won)Unattached2008-11-30CX Category 3-4CXLink
82008 SCPS 9 (Morgan Ryan, Team CICLE, won)Unattached2008-11-23Other+CX Category 3CXLink
272008 SCPS 9 (Brent Prenzlow, ALAN North America Cycling, won)Unattached2008-11-23CX Category 1-3CXLink
62008 SCPS 8 (Eric Christenson, Rock n Road, won)Team CICLE2008-11-22CX Category 3-4CXLink
42008 Urban CX 2 (Roger Wotton, Cynergy Cycles Race Team, won)Unattached2008-10-26CX Category 3-4CXLink
52008 SCPS 4 (Fritz White, Two Wheels One Planet, won)Unattached2008-10-25CX Category 3-4CXLink
92008 SCPS 3 (Scott Hammack, Acqua al 2/SDBC, won)Unattached2008-10-19CX Category 3-4CXLink
142008 Urban CX 1 (Jeff Sanford, Radsport Cycling Team, won)Unattached2008-10-12CX Category 3-4CXLink
202008 SCPS 2 (Fritz White, Two Wheels One Plane, won)Unattached2008-10-05Other+CX Category 4CXLink
252008 SCPS 2 (Eric Christensen, Outside All Day, won)Unattached2008-10-05CX Category 3-4CXLink
22008 SCPS 1 (jordan haggard, Friends, won)Unattached2008-09-21Category 4CXLink

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