Name: Eric Eichner

Career Statistics (1969 - 2007)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2007 Races
232007 Fayetteville Stage Race (Mathew Davis, Team LaS'port, won)Unattached2007-03-19Men - 03StagLink
332007 Fayetteville Stage Race (Ryan Dionne, Gulf Coast Cycling Association, won)Unattached2007-03-19Men - 03RoadLink
82007 Fayetteville Stage Race (Mathew Davis, Team LaS'port, won)Unattached2007-03-18Men - 03RoadLink
222007 Fayetteville Stage Race (Joseph Tokarski, Team Hotel San Jose, won)Unattached2007-03-18Men - 03IndiLink
512007 The Primavera a Lago Vista (Mitchell Comardo, Team West End, won)2007-03-03Men - 03RoadLink
302007 The Odwalla Tour of New Braunfels (Wesley Mundy, Ride Away Cycling Club, won)2007-02-03Men - 3/4RoadLink
2006 Races
32006 Fat Chuck's Revenge - Part 3 (Devin Carroll, ATM, won)Texas A&M2006-11-20Men Senior AXCLink
142006 Copperas Cove Skill Based Road Race Championship (Troy Owens, GS Tenzing/Wheels in Motion, won)2006-10-15Men Cat 3RoadLink
32006 Camp Eagle Classic Mountain Bike Festival (Chad Haga, Texas A&M, won)A&M Cycling Team2006-09-03Men Collegiate 19-24 BXCLink
12006 Camp Eagle Classic Mountain Bike Festival (Eric Eichner, A&M Cycling Team, won)A&M Cycling Team2006-09-02Trial Men Collegiate 19-24 BTimeLink
1969 Races
31969 Huntsville Classic (Devin Carroll, ATM, won)Texas A&M1969-12-31Men Senior AXCLink

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