Name: Eric Eller

Career Statistics (2007 - 2015)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2015 Races
DNF2015 Blue Ridge Mountain Bike Festival (Wesley Sturgill, Piney Flats Bicycles and fitness, won)Piney Flats Bicycles and fitness2015-04-26Men Clydesdale Cat 1/2/3XCLink
92015 The Southern Virginia Shootout (Wesley Sturgill, Piney Flats Bicycle And Fitness, won)Piney Flats Racing2015-04-19Men Clydesdale Cat 1/2/3XCLink
62015 Bouldergeist at San Lee Park (Chris Muddiman, , won)Piney Flats Bicycles and fitness2015-03-29Men Clydesdale Cat 1/2/3XCLink
2014 Races
22014 Aiyana XC Mountain Bike Race (Earl Aneas, Sons of SeaSucker, won)Piney Flats Bicycles/Dean Endurance MTB2014-06-22All ClydsdaleXCLink
DNF2014 Dark Mountain XC - Southern Classic Race #4 (Corbitt Bourne, , won)Piney Flats Bicycles and fitness2014-04-27All Clydesdale Cat 1/2/3XCLink
42014 The Southern Virginia Shootout (Joshua Draper, Greensboro Velo Club, won)Piney Flats Bicycles and fitness2014-03-09All Clydesdale Cat 1/2/3XCLink
2007 Races
122007 Redline Mud, Sweat & Gears Cyclocross Series (Jamie Godfrey, ProHealth Racing, won)2007-12-08Men - 04CyclLink
302007 Redline Mud, Sweat & Gears Cyclocross Series (Travis Fender, Bio Wheels, won)2007-10-13Men - 04CyclLink

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