Name: Eric Garr

Career Statistics (2010 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
842017 CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester (Rodolphe FERRIER, , won)HUP United2017-10-15Men Masters 40+ Cat 4/5CXLink
2016 Races
532016 Fruitlands' Cup of Cyclocross (Colin Piepgras, Digital Lumens, won)2016-10-22Men Master 35-99 Cat 4/5CyclocrossLink
782016 CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester (Marc SEXTON, State 9 Racing pb Vittoria, won)CatUp Coaching2016-10-16Men Masters 35+ Cat 4/5CXLink
952016 CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester (Shane BLACK MACKEN, HUP United, won)CatUp Coaching2016-10-15Men Masters 35+ Cat 4/5CXLink
532016 2016 Minuteman Cycloross (Stephen Jette, Cannonade Sports Lingo Jingo, won)2016-10-09Men Cat 4CXLink
2013 Races
DNF2013 Wolfpack Classic presented by Giordana (Rich Harper, Cleveland Clinic RGF Cycling Team p/b Felt Bicyc, won)catUP Coaching Services2013-02-09Men - Masters 35+ - 35-99RoadLink
2012 Races
182012 Wolfpack Classic Presented by Giordana (Wilson Hale, JRVS/American Pride, won)CatUp Coaching2012-02-11Men - Cat4/5RoadLink
2011 Races
92011 Apex Road Race (Kellen Goodell, Charleston Bicycle Company, won)Capital Cycling Club / Peak Auto2011-06-25Men - Cat 4RoadLink
132011 NC State Road Race (Kenneth Johnson, Triangle Velo, won)Capital Cycling Club / Peak Auto2011-06-04Men - Cat 1/2/3/4/5 - Master - 35-39RoadLink
62011 BHB Road Race (lemuell Whitsett, CCC/, won)Capital Cycling Club2011-05-21Men - Cat 5RoadLink
DNF2011 Brick City Criterium (Jenrette Springs, Caraway Velo Club, won)Capital Cycling Club / Peak Auto2011-05-01Men - Cat 4CritLink
DNF2011 Asheboro Criterium (Michael Ventola, www, won)Capital Cycling Club/Peak Auto2011-04-09Men - Cat3/4/5 - Master - 35-99CritLink
172011 Asheboro Criterium (Michael Ventola, www, won)Capital Cycling Club/Peak Auto2011-04-09Men - Cat 5CritLink
182011 Wolfpack Classic p/b The Happy Tooth (Luis Flores, Capital Cycling Club, won)Capital Cycling Club/Peak Auto2011-02-12Men - Cat 4/5RoadLink
2010 Races
222010 Capital Cycling Club Road Race (Mark Kane, Capital Cycling Club, won)2010-08-14Men - Cat4/5RoadLink

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