Career Statistics (2014 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
42017 Cross in the Park 2017 (Aaron NORWICH, Campus Wheelworks, won)Campus Wheelworks2017-11-05Men Men Cat 5CXLink
92017 Cross in the Park 2017 (Nathan Chown, TEAM CF, won)Campus Wheelworks2017-11-05Men Open C1/2/3/4/5CXLink
2016 Races
282016 Larkinville Challenge (Patrick ELLIOTT, Cyclepath Oakville Race Tean, won)2016-06-16Men Cat 4/5CRITLink
2015 Races
142015 Cross in the Park 2015 (Jonathan SIUTA, Buffalo Bicycling Club/Campus Wheel Works, won)Campus WheelWorks2015-11-01Men Single SpeedCXLink
42015 Cross in the Park 2015 (Robb MANN, ~Cycle Swami~, won)Campus Wheelworks2015-11-01Men Cat 5CXLink
42015 The Park School CX (Robb MANN, , won)Campus WheelWorks2015-10-18Men Category 5CXLink
32015 West Falls Cyclocross (Chuck TAYLOR, St Catharines Cycling Club, won)Campus Wheelworks2015-10-04Men Category 5CXLink
292015 Larkinville Challenge (Anthony R MUECKL, Campus WheelWorks, won)Campus Wheelworks2015-06-12Men Category 4-5CRITLink
402015 Larkinville Challenge (Patrick ELLIOTT, Team PBR p/b Racer Sportif, won)Campus Wheelworks2015-06-04Men Category 4-5CRITLink
2014 Races
82014 The Park School CX (Shawn SMITH, Campus WheelWorks, won)2014-11-22Men 30 minutes Category 5CXLink
112014 The Gow School Cross (David LESS, Sliders Snow Skate and Bike, won)Campus Wheelworks2014-11-15All SinglespeedCXLink
232014 Cross in the Park 2014 (Jonathan SIUTA, Buffalo Bicycling Club, won)Campus Wheelworks2014-11-02Men Single SpeedCXLink
272014 Cross in the Park 2014 (Jeffrey GUBALA, , won)Campus Wheelworks2014-11-02Men Category 5CXLink

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