Name: Eric Jacuzzi

Career Statistics (2009 - 2010)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2010 Races
162010 Monsters of the Midway (Henry Loud, ReCycling Team, won)MCG Racing Team p/b Trails-Edge.com2010-05-15Men - 03CritLink
192010 Tour of Kensington Valley (Mike Tacchella, ReCycling p/b Ascension, won)MCG/Trails Edge2010-05-09Men - 03RoadLink
332010 Winona Lake Criterium & Winona to Wooster Road Rac (Scott Rosenfield, ISCorp Cycling Team, won)MCG RACING TEAM P/B TRAILS EDGE.COM2010-05-01Men - 03RoadLink
2009 Races
12009 Ada Criterium (Eric Jacuzzi, MCG Racing Team p/b, won)MCG Racing Team p/b Trails-Edge.com2009-08-15Men - 04CritLink
112009 Maillot Jaune (Jason Young, Kalamazoo Bike Club Racing, won)MCG P/b Trails-Edge.Com2009-07-26Men - 04RoadLink
282009 Superior Bike Fest (Luke Oostindie, , won)2009-06-26- Cat 4 MenrrLink
42009 Superior Bike Fest (Luke Oostindie, , won)2009-06-26- Cat 4 MencritLink
132009 Superior Bike Fest (Thomas Behan, , won)2009-06-26- Cat 4 MenCircLink
102009 Le Tour de Mont Pleasant (randall rodd, WOLVERINE/AMERICAN C & F, won)MCG Racing Team p/b Trail's Edge.com2009-06-13Men - 04CritLink
72009 Tour De Frankenmuth (Rodney Eaton, , won)2009-05-23Men - 04RoadLink
102009 Tour of Kensington Valley Road Race (Thomas Behan, BT & F, won)MCG/Trails-Edge2009-05-17Men - 04RoadLink
222009 Cone Azalia Classic Road Race (Alexander Lockie, , won)MCG2009-05-04Men - 04RoadLink

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