Name: Eric Lamb

Career Statistics (2008 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
262017 60th Anniversary Berkeley Hills Road Race (Max McFadden, , won)C5102017-06-11Men Cat 5RoadLink
2016 Races
92016 Winters Road Race (Adam Koch, , won)C5102016-08-27Men Master 35-99 Cat 5RoadLink
92016 Turlock Lake Road Race (Peter Torres, form+data p/b Mercedes Benz of Modesto, won)C5102016-04-09Men Master 35-99 Cat 4/5RoadLink
2015 Races
182015 Berkeley Hills Road Race (Todd Markelz, , won)C5102015-05-09Men Masters 35-99 Cat 5RoadLink
2010 Races
172010 Buck Hill Cyclocross (Timothy O'Shea, 0, won)2010-09-27Men - Open MenCyclLink
DNF2010 32nd Annual Melon City Criterium (Chad Bishop, Harper's Cycling & Fitness, won)2010-05-30Men - 03 - 12-99RoadLink
2009 Races
222009 Veterans Cross (Andy Wiens, Unattached, won)Unattached2009-11-08Men - 04CyclLink
132009 Grand Prix HPT (Andy Wiens, Unattached, won)Unattached2009-11-07Men - 04CyclLink
82009 Sunflower Cyclocross (Kyle Skinner, Unattached, won)Unattached2009-11-01Men - 04CyclLink
332009 Smithville Cyclocross Festival (Jeffrey Lively, SKC Racing, won)Unattached2009-10-25Men - 04CyclLink
322009 Boulevard Cup Cyclocross (Travis Donn, , won)2009-10-18Men - 04CyclLink
182009 The Capital Cup (Eric Stull, Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee, won)2009-10-17Men - 04CyclLink
382009 Chris Cross (Brian Lasswell, Bicycle Shack Racing, won)2009-10-11Men - 04CyclLink
432009 Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross Challenge (John Wagner, Cow Town Cycling Team, won)2009-09-27Men - 04CyclLink
312009 Kansas City Cup Cross (Joel Terry, SKC Racing, won)2009-09-19Men - 04CyclLink
242009 That Dam Race Again, Again, and Again (Dan Oldehoeft, , won)2009-03-15- Cat 5rrLink
102009 The STOWT Time Trial (David Doyle, Sante Fe Trails, won)Unattached2009-03-12Men - 4/5IndiLink
2008 Races
312008 Tour of Kansas City (Nathan Showman, Team Army, won)NA2008-08-09Men - 05CritLink

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