Name: Eric PAULS

Career Statistics (2010 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
192017 Marty Cross (Justin TAYLOR, , won)Hilltop Bicycles2017-10-22Men Open Cat5Cyclo-crossLink
DNF2017 Whirlybird Cross (Christopher FORENBAHER, Jalapeno Cycling, won)Hilltop Bicycles2017-09-10Men Open Cat4/5CXLink
2016 Races
52016 Windham ProXCT/ProGRT (JAMES CATALANO, TEAM OVERLOOK, won)PAWLING CYCLE A2016-08-13Men 50-99 Cat 2XCLink
2010 Races
282010 Cyclocross at the Hidden Valley Club (Francesco Arbolino, , won)2010-11-07Men - Cat 4CyclLink
462010 Pawling Mountin Road Race (Christopher Schwenker, EECT/GREEN ARM BANDITS, won)PAWLING CYCLE AND SPORT2010-07-11Men - Cat 4/5RoadLink
DNF2010 Cantua Creek Road Race (Neema Assemi, Sierra Pacific Racing, won)2010-02-13Men - Cat 5RoadLink

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