Name: Eric Peters

Career Statistics (1969 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
432017 CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester (Travis WOLD, Spin Arts Cycling, won)Two Seconds Ahead pb Silk Road2017-10-14Men Cat 3CXLink
DNF2017 Charm City Cross (Owen BRENNEMAN, 717 Cycling p/b RSI Panels, won)Two Seconds Ahead p/b Silk Road2017-10-08Men Open Cat2/3Cyclo-crossLink
242017 12th ANNUAL NITTANY LION CROSS (Patrick TORPEY, Crca/to Be Determined, won)Two Seconds Ahead P/b Silk Road2017-09-16Men Open Cat3/4Cyclo-crossLink
202017 Hartford Riverfront Cyclocross (Jonah Vasquez, Clockwork Construction Inc./Town Cycle, won)Fairfield County Youth Cycling2017-09-09All Junior 13-15 Cat 1/2/3/4/5CXLink
142017 Watsonville Criterium (Benjamin GomezVillafane, Cycle Sport - Specialized p/b Muscle Milk, won)Pedali Alpini/ Inc.2017-07-08Men Cat 3CRITLink
112017 Watsonville Criterium (David Grundman, SquadraSF p/b Terun, won)Pedali Alpini/ Inc.2017-07-08Men Master 35-99 Cat 1/2/3CRITLink
112017 Watsonville Criterium (Jerome Nadel, ThirstyBear p/b Akamai, won)Pedali Alpini/ Inc.2017-07-08Men Master 45-99 Cat 1/2/3CRITLink
262017 Winding Trails Fat Tire Classic (Evan Ghoreyeb, CCAP/Rocklandia Rad and Gnar, won)Fairfield County Youth Cycling Team/CCAP2017-04-23Men Junior 12-18 Cat 3XCLink
2016 Races
502016 Northampton International Cyclocross presented by Cycle-Smart (Alex Mccormack, Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team Inc, won)Silk Road Cycles p/b Hatchmap2016-11-12Men Cat 3CXLink
712016 Bell's Iceman Cometh Challenge (Jim James, , won)2016-11-05Men Masters 55 Cat 1/2/3XCLink
212016 HPCX (Benjamin HARRIS, Rock Creek Velo, won)Silk Road Cycles P/b Hatchmap2016-10-29Men Open Cat 3/4CXLink
62016 Marty Cross (William GERBOTH, Skylands Cycling, won)Silk Road Cycles/hatchmap2016-10-23Men Open Cat3CXLink
252016 Nittany Lion Cross (Tyler CLARK, #N/A, won)Silk Road Cycles p/b Hatchmap2016-09-18Men Cat 3/4CXLink
222016 Hartford Riverfront Cyclocross (Mikko Aho, , won)2016-09-11All Jr. 13-15 13-15CXLink
212016 2016 Giro del Cielo (William HOER, Skylands Cycling, won)KindHuman-Pactimo NYC2016-07-10Men Open Cat4/5GCLink
242016 2016 Giro del Cielo (William HOER, Skylands Cycling, won)KindHuman-Pactimo NYC2016-07-09Men Open Cat4/5CRITLink
202016 2016 Giro del Cielo (William HOER, Skylands Cycling, won)KindHuman-Pactimo NYC2016-07-09Men Open Cat4/5RoadLink
282016 2016 Giro del Cielo (Tony NITTI, BASALT BIKE & SKI, won)KindHuman-Pactimo NYC2016-07-09Men Open Cat4/5Time TrialLink
322016 The Lewis Morris Challenge (Phil Cole, , won)Kind Human - Pactimo2016-06-26Men 19-39 Cat 3XCLink
32016 SCS #9 - Battle of the Bikes (Jake Bryant, , won)2016-06-11Men Single Spe Cat 1/2/3XCLink
52016 Jonathan Thompson Memorial Mt. Victory Road Race (Shawn Edwards, Southern Performance, won)Southern Performance2016-05-21Men Cat 4/5Time TrialLink
102016 Jonathan Thompson Memorial Mt. Victory Road Race (Jaques Palin, Micro Metals/Bike Zoo, won)Southern Performance2016-05-21Men Cat 4/5RoadLink
72016 Gold Rush Circuit Race (Houston Lundy, None, won)Southern Performance2016-05-14Men Cat 5CRITLink
262016 Gold Rush Circuit Race (Nicholas Allman, Dash Racing, won)Southern Performance2016-05-14Men Cat 4/5CRITLink
1022016 2016 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross Nationals (Tristan Uhl, Ride Biker Alliance, won)The Revolting Cogs2016-01-08Men SinglespeedCXLink
1012016 2016 USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross Nationals (Peter Webber, Boulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo, won)The Revolting Cogs2016-01-06Men Master 45-49 Cat 1/2/3CXLink
DNF2016 NCCX Race #13 (Westley Richards, Clemmons Bicycle Racing, won)Revolting Cogs2016-01-03All Single SpeedCXLink
392016 NCCX Race #13 (Andrew Dietz, Trek Cyclocross Collective, won)Revolting Cogs2016-01-03Men 13-99 Cat 3CXLink
2015 Races
392015 NCCX Race #10 (Christopher Scallion, FS Series, won)Revolting Cogs2015-12-06Men 13-99 Cat 3CXLink
72015 NCCX Race #10 (Westley Richards, Clemmons Bicycle Racing, won)Revolting Cogs2015-12-06All Single SpeedCXLink
342015 NCCX Race #9 (Charles Storm, Storm Racing Team, won)Revolting Cogs2015-11-22Men Masters 40+ Cat 1/2/3CXLink
52015 NCCX Race #9 (Westley Richards, Clemmons Bicycle Racing, won)Revolting Cogs2015-11-22All Single SpeedCXLink
442015 NCCX Race #9 (Andrew Dietz, Trek Cyclocross Collective, won)Revolting Cogs2015-11-22Men 13-99 Cat 3CXLink
462015 NCCX Race #6 (Paul Capua, , won)Revolting Cogs2015-11-08Men 13-99 Cat 3CXLink
62015 NCCX Race #6 (Samuel Dobrozsi, Lees-McRae College, won)Revolting Cogs2015-11-08All Single SpeedCXLink
212015 NCCX Race #5 (S Austin Walker IV, Asheville Bicycle Racing Club, won)Revolting Cogs2015-11-01Men Masters 40+ Cat 1/2/3CXLink
362015 NCCX Race #4 (George Garvick, Appalachian State University, won)Revolting Cogs2015-10-31Men 13-99 Cat 3CXLink
12015 Marty Cross (Eric PETERSEN, Silk Road Cycles P/B Hatchmap, won)Silk Road Cycles P/B Hatchmap2015-10-25Men Cat 4CXLink
302015 NCCX Race #2 (S Austin Walker IV, Asheville Bicycle Racing Club, won)Revolting Cogs2015-10-18Men Masters 40+ Cat 1/2/3CXLink
52015 HPCX (Ike KITMAN, Kruis CX, won)Silk Road Cycles p/b hatchmap2015-10-18Men Cat 4/5Cyclo-crossLink
82015 NCCX Race #1 (Westley Richards, Clemmons Bicycle Racing, won)Revolting Cogs2015-10-17All Single SpeedCXLink
272015 NCCX Race #1 (Christopher Blake, Bitter Dose Cycling, won)Revolting Cogs2015-10-17Men Masters 40+ Cat 1/2/3CXLink
712015 Gran Prix of Gloucester (Clyde Logue, Colonial Bicycle Company, won)Silk Road Cycles P/B Hatchmap2015-09-27Men Cat 4/5CXLink
172015 Gran Prix of Gloucester (Clyde Logue, Colonial Bicycle Company, won)Silk Road Cycles p/b hatchmap2015-09-26Men Cat 4/5CXLink
62015 Nittany Lion Cross (jack kitching, , won)CRCA/Hatchmap2015-09-12Men Cat 4/5CXLink
512015 Village Volkswagen River Gorge Omnium (Alessandro Zanetti, , won)2015-08-23Men Masters 40-99 Cat 3/4/5RoadLink
212015 Village Volkswagen River Gorge Omnium (Madison Joiner, Marx and Bensdorf Cycling Team, won)2015-08-22Men Masters 40-99 Cat 3/4/5Time TrialLink
442015 Village Volkswagen River Gorge Omnium (Cayce Tiesler, MOAB Masters Racing, won)2015-08-22Men Masters 40-99 Cat 3/4/5CRITLink
162015 Mengoni Grand Prix (Tom RODARIE, CRCA/Wafels & Dinges, won)CRCA/Hatchmap2015-07-26Men CAT 4RoadLink
32015 Battle of the Bikes at Country Park (Stephen Willis, J A King MTB Team, won)JA King MTB Team2015-06-21Men 30-39 Cat 2XCLink
32015 Jonathan Thompson Memorial Mt. Victory Road Race (Jeff Ekoniak, Southern Performance, won)2015-06-20Men Master 40-59 Cat 4/5RoadLink
42015 Jonathan Thompson Memorial Mt. Victory Road Race (Roger Whitlock, , won)2015-06-20Men Master 40-59 Cat 4/5Time TrialLink
182015 Music City Crits (Jeffrey Kauppi, I AM Racing, won)2015-06-17All Cat 4/5CRITLink
292015 Gold Rush Circuit Race (Luke Tormoehlen, Delts Cycling, won)Southern Performance Center2015-05-16Men Cat 4/5CRITLink
32015 Gold Rush Circuit Race (Jonathan Lichtsteiner, None, won)Southern Performance Center2015-05-16Men Cat 5CRITLink
DNF2015 CRCA Club Race Series (John Tattersall, Century Road Club Assoc, won)hatchmap cycling2015-05-02Men Senior 15-99 Cat 5RoadLink
102015 CRCA Club Race Series (Sean McCormick, Century Road Club Assoc, won)hatchmap cycling2015-04-18Men Senior 15-99 Cat 5RoadLink
92015 CRCA Club Race Series (Gene Wilson, Foundation, won)hatchmap cycling2015-04-11Men Senior 15-99 Cat 5RoadLink
92015 Bouldergeist at San Lee Park (Matthew Adams, Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club, won)Revolting Cogs2015-03-29Men 40-49 Cat 2XCLink
132015 Kissena Spring Classic (Yakov Levin, Bare Arms Cycling, won)CRCA/Hatchmap2015-03-29Men Cat 5CCRLink
162015 GSO CX 2015 (NCCX #13) (Rick Pyle, Cycleworks, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2015-01-04Men 40-99 Masters Men 40+ CX1/2/3CXLink
62015 GSO CX 2015 (NCCX #13) (Westley Richards, Clemmons Bicycle, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2015-01-04Men 00-99 Single SpeedCXLink
2014 Races
DNF2014 Rockland County Supercross UCI Weekend (Tim WILLIS, KruisCX p/b Repucom, won)silk road cycles2014-11-22Men Cat 4/5CXLink
42014 SCCX-Sussex County Cyclocross (Ivan Duka, , won)silk road cycles2014-11-16Men Open 12-99 Cat 5CXLink
422014 North Carolina Cylocross State Championships (NCCX #6) (Ophir Sefiha, Motion Makers - Specialized, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2014-11-15Cross Men 40-99 Masters Men 40+ CX1/2/3CycloLink
212014 Creek Cross Cyclo-cross Race Series (Kyle Springer, Team Velocity Bike Shop, won)2014-11-13Men Cat 4/5CXLink
82014 Cap City Cross #4 Smith Farms p/b Team Jeni's (Shawn Aker, Team Six One Four, won)Team Jeni's2014-11-08Men 9-99 Cat 3/4CXLink
372014 Boonetown Throwdown (Christopher Blake, Bitter Dose Racing, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2014-11-02Cross Men 40-99 Masters Men 40+ CX1/2/3CycloLink
172014 Boonetown Throwdown (Jonathan Hamblen, Kens Bike Shop - Hearts Racing, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2014-11-02Cross Men 00-99 Single SpeedCycloLink
32014 Marty Cross Weekend (Jordan Barber, , won)silk road cycles2014-10-26Men Cat 5CXLink
62014 Marty Cross Weekend (Jordan Barber, , won)silk road cycles2014-10-25Men Cat 5CXLink
212014 HPCX (Matthew Tubertini, High Gear/Trek/Watchung Wheelme, won)silk road cycles2014-10-18Men Cat 4/5CXLink
162014 Cap City Cross #2 (Ohio CX Cup #3) - Big Run Fun CX (Taylor Kruse, Paradise Garage Racing, won)Team Jeni's2014-10-11Men 9-99 Cat 3/4CXLink
532014 Rapha Super Cross Gloucester 1 & 2 (Derek Cote, CT Cycling Advancement Program, won)silk road cycles2014-09-28Men Cat 4/5CXLink
692014 Rapha Super Cross Gloucester 1 & 2 (Ian Loney, Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme, won)silk road cycles2014-09-27Men Cat 4/5CXLink
182014 Cap City Cross #1 - Columbus Grand Prix Cyclocross (Zachary Young, Prochain Cycling, won)Team Jeni's Ice Cream2014-09-20Men 9-99 Cat 3/4CXLink
152014 42nd CAROLINA CUP (Eddie Bailey, Gaston County Cyclist, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2014-09-07Men 00-99 Cat 5CRITLink
72014 Wheels on Worthington Criterium (Joe Ipacs, Ohio State University, won)Team Jeni's2014-08-29Men 9-99 Cat 3/4CRITLink
92014 Music City Crits (James Buttrey, Trace Bikes, won)2014-08-27Men Cat 5CRITLink
52014 Hobby Park - Southern Classic MTB Series Race #10 (Curtis Kesler, Cycletherapy, won)Revolting Cogs2014-08-03All Singlespeed Cat 1/2/3XCLink
72014 Battle of the Bikes at Country Park (Jason Millington, , won)Revolting Cogs2014-07-13All Singlespeed Cat 1/2/3XCLink
202014 South Mountain Time Trial (Alexander Parrish, Carlo's O'Briens Racing Team, won)Unattached2014-05-10Men - Category 5 MaleTime TrialLink
72014 Dark Mountain XC - Southern Classic Race #4 (Cameron Moss, Velo 16 BSG, won)Revolting Cogs2014-04-27All Singlespeed Cat 1/2/3XCLink
102014 Stevens Duck Country Apocalypse (Brian Alba, Northeastern University, won)Rutgers University-New Brunswick2014-03-08Men - Collegiate - D1Road RaceLink
2012 Races
22012 Cross & Croissants! (Jordan Martin, Team MS p/b Snowbird Farms/, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2012-12-01Men - Men CX4 - 00-99CyclLink
252012 Crossroads Grand Prix (Carter Luck, LMC Cycling, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2012-11-18Men - Men CX4 - 00-99CyclLink
162012 Crossroads Grand Prix (G Spencer Lueders, Carolina Cycling Team, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2012-11-18Men - Masters CX4 (35+ 45+ 55+) - 34-99CyclLink
32012 The Zeppelin Criterium (Pat Matukhin, , won)Beachwood Bikes2012-06-16Men - Category5CritLink
282012 ACE Speedway Series (James Jones, Revolution Cycles, won)Unattached2012-04-10Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
132012 Dixie Classic Criterium Series (Brian Nicholson, , won)2012-04-03Men - Cat 5CritLink
2011 Races
362011 MerryCrossmas part deux (Michael McLamb, Tricyclists BRC, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2011-12-18Men - Cat 4 - Master - 35+CyclLink
72011 MerryCrossmas part deux (Daniel Hitchcock, Asheville Bicycle Racing Club, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2011-12-17Men - Cat 4 - Master - 35+CyclLink
92011 Dixie Classic Cyclo Cross Series "under the l (Jason Chapple, Benissimo, won)Revolution Cycles2011-11-22Men - CX-BCyclLink
212011 Boonetown Throwdown NCCX#3 (James Pittman, Carolina Fatz, won)STIR Creative Group2011-10-30Men - Masters CX4 (35+ 45+ 55+) - 35-99CyclLink
72011 Ohio State Cyclocross Championship Day 2 (Bruce Pisarek, , won)2011-10-23Men - Men 3CyclLink
42011 Tour de Fair Haven (EDIKSON PENA, JV RACING, won)BEACHWOOD BICYCLES2011-09-18Men - Category5CRITLink
DNF2011 Ronde Ohop p/b Herriott Sports Performance (David Fleischhauer, HSP, won)Recycled Cycles2011-08-21Men - Cat 1/2/3RoadLink
22011 Cycles 54 Twilight Series (Thomas Gibbons, Unattached, won)Beachwood Bikes2011-07-19Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
162011 Tour d'Burg (Michael Schena, BSM Cycling, won)Central Ohio Bicycle Club2011-07-17Men - Cat 3CritLink
1132011 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic - Road Race (kip taylor, HP Racing, won)Durango Wheel Club2011-05-28Men - Cat 4/5RoadLink
212011 OSRS #5 - Spring Valley (Tyler Karnes, hincapie development, won)Team-cobc.com2011-04-17Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Senior (55.5 Miles)RoadLink
152011 Vandervorts Corner (O'Brien Forbes, TEAM RGF, won)TEAM-COBC.COM2011-04-10Men - 1/2/3RoadLink
212011 Hueston Woods Road Race (OSRS #3) (Liam Donoghue, , won)Team-cobc.com2011-04-03Men - Cat 1/2/3 - SeniorRoadLink
172011 OSRS #2 - Schababerle (Brad Schaeffer, NUVO Cultural Trail, won)Team-cobc.com2011-03-27Men - Cat 1/2/3 - Senior (55.5 Miles)RoadLink
242011 NCCX #14 - Series Final (Jason Morgan, NCCX, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2011-01-23Men - Open - Master - 35-99CyclLink
2010 Races
382010 NORTH CAROLINA CYCLOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIPS (Charles Von Isenburg, Mock Orange Racing, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2010-11-07Men - Masters 35+ - 35-99CyclLink
302010 Hawksnest Crossfest NCCX#3 (Jason Morgan, NCCX, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2010-10-31Men - Masters 35+ - 35-99CyclLink
282010 Lion Cross NCCX #2 (Chris Bennett, Boone Velo, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2010-10-24Men - Masters 35+ - 35-99CyclLink
252010 Gran Prix in the Pines (Sonni Dyer, Fiets Maan Racing, won)www.stircreativegroup.com2010-10-23Men - Masters 35+ - 35-99CyclLink
142010 Wake Forest University 'Cross p/b Ken's Bike Shop (Sonni Dyer, Fiets Maan Racing, won)2010-10-16Men - Masters 35+/45+/55+ - 35-99CyclLink
102010 Elkhart Time Trial Series (Patrick Davis, , won)2010-05-06Men - Cat4/5IndiLink
DNF2010 2010 Bariani Road Race (Mike Gonzales, Ikon Cycles Race Team, won)Kinetic2010-03-20Men - 4RoadLink
2009 Races
DNF2009 USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships (Shadd Smith, Kccx / Verge, won)Kinetic2009-12-10Men - B - 30-39CyclLink
412009 Baystate Cyclocross (Donny Green, team makeout party (Dash bikes/Circle A, won)NA2009-11-29Men - 04CyclLink
402009 Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross Challenge (John Wagner, Cow Town Cycling Team, won)2009-09-27Men - 04CyclLink
232009 Vacaville Gran Prix (Jeromy Cottell, Peninsula Velo / Pomodoro, won)Kinetic2009-08-30Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
172009 Suisun Harbor Criterium (James Berry, Dolce Vita Cycling, won)Kinetic2009-08-16Men - Cat 4CritLink
DNF2009 Dunnigan Hills Road Race (Clay Jones, , won)Kinetic2009-08-15Men - Cat 4 BRoadLink
22009 PUR Tour (NICHOLAS BEVAN, Team Abundance, won)National Engineering2009-08-01Men - 2/3CritLink
72009 Team Dayton Renaissance Festival Classic (Scott Moro, Ohio Orthopedic, won)NATIONAL ENGINEERING2009-07-27Men - 1/2/3CritLink
312009 Davis 4th of July Criterium (Eamon Lucas, Vos-cycles Gladiator, won)Eric Peterson2009-07-04Men - Cat 4CritLink
142009 TOUR of the Red River Gorge (Andrew Llewellyn, Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team, won)Team-cobc.com2009-06-21Men - Pro/1/2RoadLink
132009 TOUR of the Red River Gorge (Robb Bush, Texas Roadhouse Cycling, won)Team-cobc.com2009-06-20Men - Pro/1/2RoadLink
112009 TOUR of the Red River Gorge (Andrew Llewellyn, Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team, won)Team-cobc.com2009-06-19Men - Pro/1/2IndiLink
982009 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic - Road Race (Kevin Koch, , won)2009-05-23- Cat 4/5 Men 19-34rrLink
DNF2009 Modesto Road Race (David Gingrich, Prolong Energy, won)Eric Peterson2009-05-17Men - Cat 4/5RoadLink
DNF2009 OSRS Deer Creek Road Race (John Grant, , won)2009-04-12Men - 1/2/3RoadLink
132009 Hueston Woods Road Race (OSRS #1) (Benjamin Renkema, , won)2009-04-06Men - 1/2/3RoadLink
DNF2009 Bariani Road Race (Scott Witthoff, Fusion Sport, won)Eric Peterson2009-03-22Men - Cat 5RoadLink
202009 Land Park Criterium (Bob McCamish, N/A, won)Eric Peterson2009-03-21Men - Cat 5CritLink
202009 Original Merced Criterium (John Bennett, Whole Athlete, won)Eric Peterson2009-02-22Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
72009 Snelling Road Race (Michael Kelly, Vapor Racing, won)Eric Peterson2009-02-21Men - Cat 5 BRoadLink
252009 Cherry Pie Criterium (Bob McCamish, , won)Kinetic2009-02-08Men - Cat 5CritLink
112009 NC CX Winter Series # 5 Final (Jason Morgan, NCCX, won)Unattached2009-01-18Men - MR - MR - 35-99CyclLink
2008 Races
672008 NBX Grand Prix of Cross (Kris Dobie, , won)2008-12-06Men - 04CyclLink
632008 Bay State Cyclocross (Bill Kenney, Bike Barn Racing, won)Unattached2008-11-29Men - 04CyclLink
102008 Ohio State Road Racing Championships (Kirk Albers, Texas Roadhouse Cycling Team, won)Team-cobc.com2008-10-05Men - 1/2/3 - SeniorRoadLink
102008 Priority Health Cycling Classic (John Coyle, Wolverine, won)National Engineering2008-09-06Men - 2/3CritLink
192008 Valley City Street Fair Road Race (Jeremy Grimm, RGF Solutions/Panthers, won)National Engr.2008-08-24Men - 1/2/3RoadLink
DNF2008 USA Cycling 2008 Masters Road National Champ (Byron Nix, Green Mountain Sports, won)Zteam Cycling2008-07-06Men - MR - MR - 40-44CritLink
472008 USA Cycling 2008 Masters Road National Champ (John Korioth, Unattached, won)Zteam Cycling2008-07-03Men - MR - MR - 40-44RoadLink
DNF2008 Boloco Heartbreak Hill Grand Prix (Paul Curley, Gearworks/Spinarts, won)ZteaM Cycling2008-06-30Men - 03CritLink
12008 Summer Solstice (Eric Peters,, won)Team-cobc.com2008-06-15Men - 03 - SeniorRoadLink
DNF2008 Summer Solstice (Eric Peters,, won)Team-cobc.com2008-06-14Men - 03 - SeniorIndiLink
462008 Cyclonauts Racers Road Race (Gregory Werner,, won)ZteaM Cycling2008-06-14Men - Master - MR - 35-99RoadLink
52008 Summer Solstice (Gregory Werner,, won)Team-cobc.com2008-06-13Men - 03 - SeniorRoadLink
182008 Spring Valley Road Race (Kyle Lyman, Dayton, won)Team-cobc.com2008-04-27Men - 03 - SeniorRoadLink
772008 Palmer Library Road Race (M Andrew Ruiz, CCC Keltic Const/Zanes Cycles, won)ZteaM Cycling2008-04-27Men - MR - MR - 35-99RoadLink
82008 Tour of Gettysburg (Blair Fraley, Echelon Cycling Team, won)Team-cobc.com2008-04-20Men - 03 - SeniorRoadLink
42008 Lynchburg (Adam Haile, Darkhorse-rpc Mechanical, won)Team-cobc.com2008-04-13Men - 03 - SeniorRoadLink
62008 Vandervorts Corner (Blair Fraley, Echelon Cycling Team, won)Team-cobc.com2008-04-06Men - 03 - SeniorRoadLink
2007 Races
212007 North Carolina CX Race #4 (Jared Roy, Mock Orange Bikes, won)Unattached2007-11-11Men - MR - MR - 35-99CyclLink
262007 Lenoir Cyclocross (Charles Stanley, Land Rover / Cannondale, won)Unattached2007-11-04Men - MR - MR - 35-99CyclLink
362007 Salisbury Cyclocross Race (Charles Storm, Back to Dirt / Inland Construction, won)Unattached2007-10-28Men - MR - MR - 35-99CyclLink
392007 NC CX Race #1- Capital City CX Classic (Charles Storm, Back to Dirt / Inland Construction, won)Unattached2007-10-21Men - MR - MR - 35-99CyclLink
382007 Troy Classic on the Square (Kirk Albers, , won)2007-07-21Men - Pro/1/2CritLink
32007 Tour de Grandview (Kirk Albers, , won)COBC2007-07-01Men - 3/4CritLink
DNF2007 2007 Vandevort's Corner (Kirk Albers, , won)Team-cobc.com2007-04-22Men - 1/2/3 - SeniorRoadLink
2006 Races
22006 Wigwam/ultimax MTB Challange- 2006 WORS #12 (Bob Weintz, RRB Club Skinnys, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-10-08Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
12006 Rome Around 2006 WORS #11 (Eric Peterson, Wheel & Sprocket, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-09-24Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
22006 Sunburst Showdown- 2006 WORS #10 (Jack Nielsen, Hayes, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-09-10Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
22006 Calumet Sun Run (2006 WORS #8) (Jack Nielsen, Hayes, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-08-06Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
642006 Timpani Criterium (Chris Carscadden, WTB/SANTA CRUZ, won)2006-08-06Men Elite Cat 4CRITLink
622006 Timpani Criterium (Keith DeFiebre, Bay Bikes-Calabazes Cyclery-Ritchey, won)2006-08-06Men Master 35-99 Cat 4/5CRITLink
22006 Phillips Dirtfighter Classic (2006 WORS #7) (Todd McFadden, TREK VW SKI-HUT, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-07-23Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
32006 Alterra Coffee Bean Classic (2006 WORS #6) (Jack Nielsen, Hayes, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-07-16Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
32006 Chippewa Valley Firecracker (2006 WORS #5) (Jack Nielsen, Hayes, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-07-02Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
212006 Summer Solstice (Jack Nielsen, Hayes, won)Team-Cobc.com2006-06-18Men Senior Cat 3RoadLink
42006 Kewaunee XC Adventure (2006 WORS #4) (Jack Nielsen, Hayes, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-06-18Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
122006 Summer Solstice (Douglas Riegner, , won)Team-Cobc.com2006-06-16Men Senior Cat 3CRITLink
32006 Rudy Rack Big Ring Classic (WORS #3) (Todd McFadden, TREK VW SKI-HUT, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-06-04Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
32006 Iola Bump & Jump (2006 WORS #1) (Todd McFadden, TREK VW SKI-HUT, won)Wheel & Sprocket2006-05-07Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink
192006 Spring Valley (James Matson,, won)Team-Cobc.com2006-04-22Men Senior Cat 3RoadLink
102006 Menlo Park Criterium (Justin Fraga, , won)2006-04-15Men Elite 4CRITLink
192006 Menlo Park Criterium (James Ellison, , won)2006-04-15Men 35-99 Elite 4CRITLink
42006 Lynchburg (Andys Burns,, won)Team-Cobc.com2006-04-09Men - 03 - SeniorRoadLink
42006 Lynchburg (Andys Burns,, won)Team-Cobc.com2006-04-09Men Senior Cat 3RoadLink
362006 Sea Otter Classic -2006 USCF (Matt Benko, Team Platinum, won)Unattached2006-04-06Men Master 30-99RoadLink
DNF2006 OVR - Deer Creek (James Matson,, won)Team-Cobc.com2006-04-02Men Senior Cat 3RoadLink
172006 Hueston Wood (Ron Swope, , won)Team-Cobc.com2006-03-26Men Senior Cat 3RoadLink
92006 Morron (Rodney Sauser, Team Dayton, won)Team-Cobc.com2006-03-12Men Senior Cat 3RoadLink
12006 Reily (Eric Peters,, won)Team-Cobc.com2006-03-05Men Senior Cat 3RoadLink
1969 Races
11969 24 Hours of 9 Mile (Eric Peterson, Eric Peterson, won)Eric Peterson1969-12-31Men 12 Hour Solo MenXCLink
41969 Subaru Cup (2006 WORS #9) (Cully Todd, Bear Naked Cannondale, won)Wheel & Sprocket1969-12-31Men Master 40-44 PR/SM/EXXCLink

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