Name: Eric Phaneuf

Career Statistics (2006 - 2010)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2010 Races
82010 Tour of the Hilltowns (Edward Angeli, TARGETRAINING, won)Sterling Realty LTD2010-07-24Men - Master - 40-99rrLink
32010 White Mountain Cycling Classic (Craig Harrison, , won)2010-06-27Men - master - 35-99RoadLink
112010 Housatonic Hills Road Race (William Yabroudy, NBX/Narragansett Beer, won)Sterling Realty LTD2010-06-20Men - Master - Masters - 35-99RoadLink
142010 Lake Sunapee Bike Race (Peter Vollers, Vollers Law / Start House Racing Team, won)Sterling Realty LTD2010-05-22Men - Master - 35-99RoadLink
2009 Races
802009 Gran Prix of Gloucester 1 & 2 (Jake Colvin, North Haven Bike, won)2009-10-04Men - 04CyclLink
2008 Races
22008 NCC Tour of the Hilltowns (Christopher Laflamme, Base 36/SMCC/Gorham Bike, won)Sterling Realty/ LTD2008-07-26Men - 03RoadLink
12008 Wilmington-Whiteface Road Race (Eric Phaneuf, Onion River Sports, won)Onion River Sports2008-06-21Men - Master - MR - 35-44RoadLink
32008 Balloon Festival Classic (Ciaran Mangan, CCB/Volkswagen, won)Onion River Sports2008-06-07Men - Master - MR - 30-39RoadLink
2007 Races
231382007 Tour of the Hilltowns (Matthew Brewster, Incline Training, won)Sterling Realty2007-08-18Men - 03RoadLink
2006 Races
102006 Green Mountain Stage Race (Colin Murphy, Essex County Velo, won)Onion River Sports2006-09-04Men Cat 3CRITLink
52006 Green Mountain Stage Race (Stephen Gatzos, Boston Road Club, won)Onion River Sports2006-09-03Men Cat 3RoadLink
32006 Green Mountain Stage Race (Don Sproull, Cycles/FLCC, won)Onion River Sports2006-09-02Men Cat 3RoadLink
222006 Green Mountain Stage Race (Stephen Gatzos, Boston Road Club, won)Onion River Sports2006-09-01Men Cat 3RoadLink
22006 Central New Hampshire Road Race (Emerson Oronte, Corner Cycle, won)Onion River Sports2006-08-06Men Cat 3RoadLink
132006 Concord Criterium (Peter Vollers, New England Masters Elite, won)Onion River Sports2006-08-05Men MR 35-99 MasterCRITLink
42006 Unionvale Road Race (Bryan Collins, verge test pilot, won)Onion River Sports2006-07-16Men MR 30-99RoadLink
102006 Housatonic Hills Road Race (Alister Ratcliff, NERT- Bethel Cycle, won)Onion River Sports2006-06-18Men Cat 3RoadLink
102006 Lake Sunapee Bike Race (Nathaniel Koeppel, , won)Onion River Sports2006-05-20Men Cat 3RoadLink

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