Name: Eric Price

Career Statistics (2011 - 2016)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2016 Races
252016 Wild Trak SuperPrestige CX (jonathan bell, , won)2016-10-02Men cat 4/5CXLink
252016 Wild Trak SuperPrestige CX (jon bell, , won)2016-09-18Men cat 4/5CXLink
192016 Wild Trak SuperPrestige CX (KEVIN BRADY, , won)2016-09-11Men cat 4/5CXLink
2014 Races
72014 WTB Superprestige (jon okenfuss, Washington University in St. Louis, won)DRV/DRISCOLL2014-10-06Men 18+ cat 4CXLink
272014 WTB Superprestige (philip leachman, , won)DRV/DRISCOLL2014-10-05Men 18+ cat 4CXLink
212014 Wild Trak Bikes Superprestige CX (william hickman, Michelob Ultra - Big Shark Racing Team, won)DRV/DRISCOLL2014-09-06Men Masters 40+CXLink
2012 Races
162012 Wild Trak Bikes Superprestige (Tim Pike, , won)Wild Trak Cycling Club2012-09-30Men - cat 4 - 18+CyclLink
242012 Wild Trak Bikes Superprestige (Keith Vogl, Quantum Mesa Cycles, won)Wild Trak Cycling Club2012-09-23Men - Cat 4 - 18+ (CX )CyclLink
182012 Wild Trak Bikes Superprestige (Robin Cutler, Road, won)Wild Trak Cycling Club2012-09-09Men - Cat 4 - 18-39CyclLink
2011 Races
DNF2011 O'Fallon Grand Prix (David Schneberger, Off the Front Racing, won)Factory Black2011-06-04Men - Cat 5RoadLink
312011 O'Fallon Grand Prix (David Schneberger, Off the Front Racing, won)2011-06-04Men - Cat 5RoadLink
DNF2011 Dutchtown Classic (Cody Anderson, Momentum Racing, won)Factory Black2011-05-15Men - Cat4/5CritLink
DNF2011 Tour de Grove (Randy Gillespie, , won)Factory Black2011-05-14Men - Cat 5CritLink
DNF2011 The Ardie Miller Memorial Belleville Bicycle Race (Ryan Wachter, Dogfish Racing Team, won)2011-05-01Men - Cat4/5CritLink
DNF2011 Tour of St. Louis (Jake Buescher, Team Mack, won)Wild Trak2011-04-17Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
262011 Tour of St. Louis (Jake Buescher, Team Mack, won)Unattached2011-04-17Men - Cat 4/5CritLink
422011 Tour of Hermann (Brandon ONeal, Off the Front Racing, won)Unattached2011-04-10Men - Cat 4/5RoadLink
DNF2011 The Great Forest Park Bicycle Race (Hayden Warner, Unattached, won)Unattached2011-03-20Men - Cat 4/5CritLink

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