Name: Eric R Wyzga

Career Statistics (1969 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
442017 CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester (Travis WOLD, Spin Arts Cycling, won)NECT pb Riverpoint CX Park2017-10-14Men Cat 3CXLink
2016 Races
272016 CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester (Sebastien TREMBLAY, Team Kava Tours, won)NECT Riverpoint CX Park2016-10-16Men Cat 3CXLink
252016 CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester (Kale WENCZEL, Joe's Garage, won)NECT Riverpoint CX Park2016-10-15Men Cat 3CXLink
12016 Mansfield Hollow Cyclocross (Eric R Wyzga, NECT p/b Riverpoint CX Park, won)NECT p/b Riverpoint CX Park2016-10-08All Single Speed Cat 1/2/3/4/5CXLink
2015 Races
432015 2015 NECXBAR Finals (Keith Mullaly, TEAM EDGE, won)NESS/Shimano2015-11-29Men cat 3/4CXLink
242015 Supercross Cup (Kevin Goguen, RACE CF, won)NESS/Shimano2015-11-21Men Cat 2/3/4Cyclo-crossLink
232015 Fruitlands' Cup of Cyclocross (Curtis White, Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld., won)NESS/Shimano2015-10-24Men Cat 1/2/3CXLink
212015 Gran Prix of Gloucester (Andrew Lints, Rit Cycling, won)Ness2015-09-27Men Cat 3CXLink
422015 Gran Prix of Gloucester (Andrew Lints, RIT Cycling, won)NESS2015-09-26Men Cat 3CXLink
2014 Races
282014 NBX GranPrix of Cross (Bryan Horsley, Sea Sports Cycling, won)NESS/SHIMANO2014-12-07Men Cat 3CXLink
312014 NBX GranPrix of Cross (pj renquin, RACE CF, won)NESS/SHIMANO2014-12-06Men Cat 3CXLink
82014 TCC- Mansfield Hollow Cyclocross (Patrick Rondeau, Northampton Cycling Club, won)2014-10-11Men Cat 3/4CyclocrossLink
532014 The Midnight Ride of Cyclocross (Adam St Germain, ENGVT - UnTapped, won)NESS/SHIMANO2014-09-24Men cat 2/3/4CXLink
272014 Riverfront Cross of Hartford (Patrick Collins, , won)2014-09-14Men Cat 3/4CXLink
1969 Races
331969 2014 New England Regional Cyclocross Championships (Eric Carlson, Team Edge, won)NESS/SHIMANO1969-12-31Men Cat 3CXLink

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