Name: Eric Shiring

Career Statistics (2006 - 2006)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2006 Races
252006 Del Mar Crit Series 4 (Karl Bordine, Labor Power, won)Canari2006-05-24Category 1-2CriteriumLink
182006 San Clemente CT (Richard Meeker, AMD-Discovery Channel Masters Cycling, won)Canari2006-05-21Other+Masters 40+ 1-4CriteriumLink
202006 Del Mar Crit Series 1 (Karl Bordine, Labor Power, won)Canari2006-04-05Category 1-2CriteriumLink
202006 Hoehn Motors Del Mar Criterium Series (Karl Bordine, Labor Power, won)Canari2006-04-05Men 1 to 99 Cat 1/2/3CRITLink
402006 Redlands Criterium (Richard Meeker, AMD-Discovery Channel Masters Cycling, won)Canari2006-03-26Masters 35+CriteriumLink
DNF2006 Los Angeles Circuit Race (Karl Bordine, Labor Power, won)Canari2006-03-05Men 1 to 99 Cat 1/2CRITLink
192006 Ontario Criterium 1 (Dan Vogt, Sonance/Specialized, won)Canari2006-02-26Other+Master 40+CriteriumLink

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