Name: Eric Swarvar

Career Statistics (2014 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
102017 Creek Cross Race Series (GREGORY DILLON, KOLO p/b Premium Draught, won)Team Giant Lakeside p/b MINI of Plano2017-11-01Men Cat 3/4CXLink
72017 Creek Cross Race Series (LAWRENCE GIBSON, Rockwall Racing, won)Team Giant Lakeside p/b MINI of Plano2017-11-01Men Cat 1/2/3CXLink
2016 Races
122016 2016 Texas State Skill and Age Based Cyclocross Championship (Nathan Winkelmann, Bike Lane / Alloy Wheel Repair of Houston, won)2016-11-19Men 30-39 Cat 1/2/3/4/5CXLink
52016 Panther Island Cyclocross Series (Aston Haswell, Corinth Cycling/Harden Racing, won)2016-11-01Men Cat 3/4/5CXLink
122016 Panther Island Cyclocross Series (Derrick Saunders, Colonel's /Fred's Texas, won)2016-11-01Men OPENCXLink
92016 'Cross Fort Worth (Billy Flores, 787 Racing, won)Giant Lakeside2016-10-22Men Cat 3CXLink
2015 Races
382015 Resolution 'Cross Cup (Sean TREMBLAY, Pedal Against PTSD, won)Bearded Women Racing2015-12-12Men Cat 4/5CXLink
292015 Spooky Cross (Sean TREMBLAY, , won)2015-11-01Men Cat 4/5CXLink
62015 Spooky Cross (Randall COURTNEY, , won)2015-10-31Men Cat 4/5CXLink
82015 Knobbies and Slicks Crosstober Fest by Shannon Brewery (John WHITTINGTON, , won)2015-10-18Men Cat 4/5CXLink
112015 'Cross Fort Worth (Randall Courtney, Team Party Time, won)2015-10-11Men Cat 4/5CXLink
152015 'Cross Fort Worth (Fred Vincent, Mad Duck Racing, won)2015-10-10Men Cat 4/5CXLink
22015 Bent Wheel Bash 2015 (Jeremiah Kellam, Velo Gold Racing, won)Bearded Woman Racing2015-03-29Men 35-39 Cat 2XCLink
172015 Resolution Cross Cup (Ethan Wright, Boulder Junior Cycling, won)2015-01-03Men Cat 4CXLink
2014 Races
62014 Highlander Cross Cup (Brad WOOLSEY, , won)2014-12-14Men Cat 4/5CXLink
92014 Highlander Cross Cup (Tim RAWLINS, Bicycles Plus Racing, won)2014-12-13Men Cat 4/5CXLink
82014 Colonel's Double-'Cross Weekend (Thomas Garrad, , won)2014-11-16Men Cat4/5CXLink
132014 Colonel's Double-'Cross Weekend (Thomas Garrad, , won)2014-11-15Men Cat4/5CXLink
112014 Creek Cross Cyclo-cross Race Series (Hugo Scala Jr, Matrix/RBM, won)2014-10-16Men Cat 4/5CXLink
62014 Creek Cross Cyclo-cross Race Series (Tate Knowles, Matrix/RBM, won)2014-10-02Men Cat 4/5CXLink
22014 DORBA Prayer Mountain Pedal (Timmy Palacios, Someone Pick a Name Already, won)Bearded Women/Cadence Cyclery2014-04-26Men 0-99 SS 2/3XCLink
102014 2014 Mellow Johnnys Classic (Jason Schaller, , won)Bearded Women2014-03-02Men 35-39 Cat 2XCLink

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