Name: Eric Thiele

Career Statistics (2015 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
302017 Grant Park Category State Crit Championship (Joshua Marshall, , won)Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc2017-08-19Men CAT 4CRITLink
192017 Georgia Tech Cycling & USAC Weekend (Jonathan Atkins, Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc, won)Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc2017-03-25Men Master 50+RoadLink
52017 Union City Mayor's Race (Paul Lawler, Reality Bikes Ambassador, won)Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc2017-03-18Men MASTERS 45+ CAT 4/5CRITLink
DNF2017 Tour of the Southern Highlands (Matthew Bopp, , won)Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc2017-03-05Men Cat 4 MenRoadLink
222017 Tour of the Southern Highlands (Marc Sawicki, Southeast Velo Racing, won)Velocity Racing & Cycling Inc2017-03-04Men Men Cat 4Time TrialLink
2015 Races
42015 HHC Rumble @ Roebling (Paul Thompson, , won)2015-08-09Men Cat 5RoadLink
92015 HHC Rumble @ Roebling (Nicholas D'Allesandro, Low Country Cycling Team, won)2015-08-08Men Cat 4/5RoadLink
372015 Georgia Cycling Gran Prix (David Heath, Frazier Cycling, won)Unattached2015-07-25Men Cat 4-5CRITLink
162015 Nestor Cup Race #10 (Jack Felix, , won)2015-07-16All 13-99 Cat 4/5CritLink
112015 Georgia Games (Beau Buisson, , won)2015-07-11Men Cat 5RoadLink
62015 Georgia State Road Race Championship p/b Wrenched Bicycles (Tim Mondor, , won)2015-06-20Men Cat 5RoadLink
32015 Blue Goose Road Race (Brandt Orr, Hilton Head Cycling/Robson Forensic - Su, won)2015-03-29Men Cat 5 Cat 5RoadLink

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