Name: Matthew Mazzaccaro

Career Statistics (2006 - 2006)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2006 Races
132006 Keystone Climax (Zack Hughes, RPM/Yeti, won)ATG/Versus Cycles2006-09-01Slalom Men Master 30-39 EXDualLink
112006 Full Tilt inTelluride (Troy Cooperman, Mojo Wheels, won)ATG/Versus Cycles2006-07-30Men Master 30-39 EXDHLink
102006 Blast the Mass Colorado State Championships (Troy Cooperman, , won)ATG/Versus Cycles2006-07-15Cross Men Master 30-99 EXMountainLink
222006 Wildflower Rush (Zack HUGHES, RPM/Yeti, won)ATG/Versus Cycles2006-06-25Men Master 30-39 EXDHLink
142006 Chalk Creek Stampede (Chris Cawley, A Racers Edge, won)ATG/Versus Cycles2006-06-11Cross Men Master 30-39 EXMountainLink
182006 Chalk Creek Stampede (Chris Cawley, A Racers Edge, won)ATG/Versus Cycles2006-06-10Slalom Men Master 30-39 EXDualLink
222006 Chili Challenge (Zack HUGHES, RPM Yeti, won)Atg/Versus Cycles2006-05-20Men Master 30-39 EXDHLink
92006 Chili Challenge (Chris Cawley, A Racers Edge, won)2006-05-20Cross Men Master 30-39 EXMountainLink
152006 Mob n' the Mojave (Chewy Aitken, , won)2006-02-19Men Master 30-39 EXDHLink

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