Name: eric omdahl

Career Statistics (2013 - 2017)
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USCF Career Results

PosYear Race Name Team Date Cat Type
2017 Races
42017 Real Campione d' Clermont (Francisco Jimenez, , won)2017-10-01Men Master 40+ Cat 4/5RoadLink
122017 Sunshine GP-Powell TT and Ice Cream Hill RR (Chad Goble, , won)2017-04-02Men Master 40+ Cat 4/5RoadLink
102017 Sunshine GP-Powell TT and Ice Cream Hill RR (Kurt Jambretz, , won)2017-04-02Men Master 40+ Cat 4/5Time TrialLink
102017 Sunshine GP-Brooksville Criterium (Kurt Jambretz, Cyberdyne Systems, won)2017-04-01Men Master 40+ Cat 4/5CRITLink
42017 Chain of Lakes Cycling Classic (Philip Karwowski, Winter Springs Cycling, won)2017-03-11Men Cat 5Time TrialLink
102017 Race of the West (Philip Karwowski, Winter Springs Cycling, won)2017-02-04Men Cat 5RoadLink
92017 EJ Rogut Memorial Criterium Series (Adam Wilzinski, , won)2017-01-31Men Cat 5CRITLink
2015 Races
342015 Florida State Road Race Championships (Hector Paez, Unattached, won)Cycle Sport Concepts Tampa2015-10-18Men Cat 5RoadLink
92015 Florida State Criterium Championships (Vance James, VeloBrew Cycling Club, won)Cycle Sport Concepts Tampa2015-04-04Men Master 40-44CRITLink
182015 Florida State Criterium Championships (Yuniet Del Toro, , won)Cycle Sport Concepts Tampa2015-04-04Men Cat 5CRITLink
182015 Swamp Classic (Brady Price, West Coast Cycling, won)Cycle Sport Concepts Tampa2015-02-21Men Cat 5RoadLink
102015 Swamp Classic (Jason Venema, , won)Cycle Sport Concepts Tampa2015-02-21Men Cat 5Time TrialLink
172015 Race of the West (Santiago Bedoya, Galiz Cycling Team, won)Cycle Sport Concepts Tampa2015-02-01Men Cat 5RoadLink
2014 Races
62014 Gearlink Cup & Ice Cream Hill Road Race (Michael Stokes, Gearlink p/b Roman & Gaynor Law, won)2014-10-05Men Cat 5RoadLink
2013 Races
192013 Brooksville Cycling Classic (Kyle Markel, Team Fueled by Mila, won)2013-10-20Men - Cat 5RoadLink

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